Favourite Places on Campus: The Strand

Upon visiting Strand campus for the first time, about a year ago, on a tour for prospective students of King’s, I couldn’t help but think: “This is where I want to exist. This is the kind of place I can see myself happy to return to every day”. In the year that has elapsed since I felt that great first impression, those thoughts haven’t changed. Read on for the places on Strand that I love most…


The Courtyard Outside the King’s Building
A bonus if you enter through Somerset House, the courtyard is my favourite spot to get some fresh air between classes or have something to eat on a nice day. When it’s sunny and the light bounces off the cobblestones… magic.

Bush House, 8th floor South Terrace
The newest addition to Strand campus, Bush House is absolutely beautiful. It’s no secret that the whole building feels a bit glamorous, but you’ll most likely find me in the cafe of the South Terrace on the eighth floor, where you can overlook a panorama of the city. If you catch an early winter sunset, it’s incredible to see the sky painted orange and pink over sweeping views of London.

The Maughan Library
You’ll inevitably spend a lot of time here as a student at King’s, so it’s fortunate that the Maughan is so lovely. I find I’m the most productive when I’m in the round room on the first floor, surrounded by books and able to work in total silence. The skylight definitely helps brighten things up, but this room is the cosiest place to be on a rainy day as well.






The Macadam Building Terrace

Clearly there’s a bit of a theme going here – I love places with big windows boasting beautiful views and a chance to get outside. Yet another place to catch a glimpse of London over the river, the cafe and terrace in the Macadam building is another favourite of mine to soak up some sun when it’s warm or have a chance to breathe in a little fresh air while sat with a meal or a book.Enjoy this while you can, as I believe the Macadam building won’t be with us much longer!






King’s Building Cafe

On the first floor of the King’s building is a cafe that makes a great meeting spot. I love the winding stairs to the upper level, where you can watch the lunchtime bustle from above.







Stay tuned for a follow up on my favourite spots in Holborn, the London borough to which Strand campus calls home… Until then, enjoy the perfect little places on Strand that you may not have explored before!

Issabella Orlando

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