Beyond the Books Part 1: Working Part Time

09/08/2018 Harriet Dallen 0

Beyond the Books: Embellishing University Life Part One: Working Part Time In an effort to succeed academically, many of us students prioritise our studies above all else; but while our diligence and hard work is doubtlessly positive, we often neglect […]

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5 General Tips for International Students

19/09/2017 0

If you’ve read my previous blog post, you would hopefully have become an absolute pro at socialising by now. In this article, I’ll divulge some general tips and life hacks that I’ve gathered at university so far, so read on […]

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Free London: A student’s guide

07/07/2016 0

Emma and Amber did their work experience at King’s and as young Londoners, they shared some valuable advice for future Londoners! A student budget can make it difficult to experience all that London has to offer. To make sure that […]

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Budgeting & Accommodation

12/05/2016 0

Author: LeeAnn As an international student, there are a number of things you need to think about before even arriving in the UK. First, it is important to think about finances and funding. If you are from the USA and […]