A Guide to Packing


Shopping for practically anything is a breeze in London – if you know where to look, that is. Finding out which establishments have the best deals will take some trial and error, and you’ll be a seasoned consumer in no time. However, in your first week of arriving here, the last thing you should do is wander blindly in the streets of London searching for a shop that sells shampoo because it had completely slipped your mind to pack it! To avoid such a hairy catastrophe (and other similar disasters) from occurring, take a look at the following check-list:

1. Things you can’t live without
I know this sounds fairly obvious, but some items have fused so seamlessly into our lives that it doesn’t even cross our minds to pack them. Try going through your daily routine at home, whilst compiling a list of things that you used along the way – your medicines, toiletries, phone charger etc. It’s amazing how many things we take for granted!

2. Documents
Nobody likes going through the identification check at the customs, but it’s not exactly legal to bolt past the security gates either. To speed things up, have your passport, visa and confirmation of studies letter ready in your hand luggage. If you’re a pursuing a healthcare-related course, you would be required to take your immunity records as well to facilitate your immunisation process later in the year.

3. Clothing
If you’re from a tropical country like me, chances are you’ve only been accustomed to the sweltering heat and torrential downpours. However, don’t fret if you’re completely lacking any winter attire. September is usually not the chilliest time of the year, so there’s still plenty of time to purchase some after you’ve settled down. Besides, your local retail outlets might not have the most appropriate winter attire for the chilly and damp London atmosphere. As a side note, pack a set of formal-wear for official ceremonies and a pair of gloves for protection against the harsh winds.

4. Books & stationery
We all know that one guy who has perused the entire semester’s textbooks before classes have even commenced, but is it really advisable to purchase them in advance? The answer to that would be a resounding “no”. During your induction, your lecturers will outline the few mandatory core books, and the libraries at King’s should provide you with sufficient further reading material. Also, there are numerous second-hand book sales in September that you should absolutely watch out for. Stationery doesn’t weigh much anyway so go ahead and buy all the pens you’ll never need.

5. Cooking
Nothing conjures stronger feelings of nostalgia like eating your favourite food from home. However, if you’re currently stuffing your luggage with bottles of soy sauce and curry paste, you might want to think twice about that. London is a multicultural city and as such, is populated by international merchants who stock up on many imported food items. The best example to illustrate this would be Chinatown, where you’ll be able to find a slew of exotic condiments and ingredients. Kitchen appliances are fairly affordable as well, so there’s absolutely no need to pack your heavy frying pan. That being said, I wouldn’t imagine that many Asian mothers (mine included) would permit their children to leave home without a rice cooker, so just be an obedient child and do so. Soon enough, you’ll realise how versatile it actually is!

chinatown london

6. Bedding
Most student accommodation will not come with blankets or duvets, so I would recommend compacting these in a vacuum bag and cramming them into your luggage. Pillows take way too much space, so don’t even attempt to squeeze one in.

7. Miscellaneous
Do check if your devices are compatible with UK’s plugs; if they’re not, it would be wise to purchase a few adapters. While it is extremely useful to own a personal printer, it would be unfeasible to fit one into your luggage considering its sheer bulk. Hence, I would suggest just purchasing one here.

8. Personal items
Being in a foreign land with hardly any familiar faces around you, there will inevitably be times when you’ll feel rather miserable. Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised by how much a few tokens from home can cheer you up and provide the motivation you need to keep going. Be it a birthday card or simply your stinky stuffed animal, take whatever it is that will evoke some poignant memories of home. Just remember – whatever it is you are going through will come to pass eventually, and things will get better if you persevere and march on.

With all that said, I hope you don’t get overwhelmed by the whole packing process and I bid you a safe journey to London! You don’t know it yet, but your best life chapter is just about to begin.


Making the city your own

hoxton hotel coffee pic

Author: Bea

There is this tote bag that took up residence in one of my old drawers – I think it was handed to me forever ago, throughout Freshers Week in my first year and the print on it says: LONDON IS MY CAMPUS. As cheesy as that may sound, it is also true! Sure, King’s is not a campus uni – it is located right in the heart centre of this buzzing and vibrant city, and honestly, I think that makes everything just so much more exciting! Let’s say you are on the look out for some good study spots, and of course the university offers you spaces like libraries and common rooms, but why not mix it up and really go out and explore London, find your new favourite café, for instance, that in one way or another you can call your own!

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Living in London: Accommodation

Anuthida - Accommodation blog post - June 2017.pic1

Where you live when you’re at university has a great impact on your experience – all the more if you’re an international student. Before I matriculated at King’s, I was particularly eager to find out more about the types of accommodation offered because halls were to be my first ever home away from home. Hopefully reading about my time in King’s residences and my experiences in different private accommodations help you gain a better understanding of where you might want to spend your three years in London. Continue reading

Facebook / Weibo Live Streaming of the Strand Campus Open Day on Saturday 24th June

Author: International Team at King’s

kingslive futurekings

Unable to make it to our upcoming open days? Not to worry! Our #Kingslive livestreams will transport you there!

Starting Saturday 24th June at the Strand Campus, subjects taught by the faculties of Arts & Humanities, Law, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, Social Science & Public Policy and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience will be covered in talks, as well as the opportunity to talk with our academics, admissions, careers, residences & student life teams and have a tour of the campus.

Follow us from 9.30 am via:

Facebook Live https://www.facebook.com/kingscollegelondon/

 Weibo King's College London Weibo QR Code



Tips from a final year student: what I wish I’d known earlier


Author: Anuthida

Two years ago I boarded my 13-hour flight from Singapore to London, pretty much clueless about what was in store for me at the other end of the world. The heady mix of moving to a different continent and making the leap to higher education was certainly daunting, but I eventually settled in well enough. As a seasoned pro (okay, that might be a gross exaggeration), here are some tips on navigating Uni life.

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Adapting to my new life

Diana pic3 post in spanish

Author: Diana

Recuerdo lo emocionada que estaba al saber que iba a estudiar en King’s College London y que iba a vivir en Londres. Wao! Simplemente estaba sin palabras, y es que pensar en lo maravilloso que es esta ciudad, me llena de muchísima alegría. El proceso de adaptación a una nueva vida es como una aventura. Te tienes que adaptar a todo, y todo es nuevo, desde el lugar en donde vives y con quien vives, a tu escuela, incluyendo clases y compañeros, a tu nuevo lugar de trabajo, al medio de transporte y hasta a la diferente zona horaria. Parece mucho, y la realidad es que es mucho, pero el proceso no tiene que ser todo al mismo tiempo.

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Making your dreams come true in 2017!

notebook-1194456_960_720Author: Andreea

As the year has come to an end, everyone gets overexcited to dash all that happened in 2016, forget about it, bury it and pretend it never happened. Now people start talking about their new year resolutions, that normally sound something like, “I’ll start that diet, go to the gym every day and really focus on my studies.” Continue reading

Winter Wonderland in the capital

Oxford street 2Author: Edith

About a week ago, I was still in my ripped jeans and t-shirts and could pass without a warm coat but now, as it’s the 8th of December, it seems London has put a spin on things. If you, like me, can’t wait a full 24 days to finish your advent calendar, will eat all of the chocolate provided in an advent calendar with your friend late at night as soon as it hits the first of December. Apart from the endless chocolate, whether it be in a mug warmed up in the microwave or just an entire block to yourself, you’ll give yourself the excuse that “Well, it’s basically Christmas”.  Continue reading

Sky Garden-ing

Author: Maria

You must be wondering, why is she dedicating a whole post to one place only? Well, if you have not been to that place then you will understand why I am writing this blog post (by the end of this post you will be definitely tempted to go to there), and if you have been there then you will definitely understand why I had to dedicate a whole post to it.

Sky Garden is the place I literally tell all students to go to. Well, actually I don’t really tell Photo 4 them, it is more like me commanding them to go there ASAP (I am joking, I wouldn’t be that rude…). But it is true, I always tell people they should go to sky garden because it is one of my favorite spots in London, where you can enjoy an amazing view for free… (Not like the Shard…Although I still believe if you have the opportunity to go, GO (as you can see I am quite Photo 3 obsessed with views). But you can also stay warm, enjoy a cup of coffee/tea or even mimosa, and just relax. Who would have thought that an urban jungle has it all?

For the three years I have been in London, I must say I go every year more than twice. I think it is definitely a perfect get away from the crowded London streets without having to go too far away (only 35 floors up). And yes, even if you are scared of heights, I think you wouldn’t be that scared because it is safe. I have taken all of my friends there, my cousin and my mother, and they all have enjoyed it so much. So, if you have a friend coming over, or you want to impress your parents of how well you know London, or even if you want to take someone on a date but you don’t have the money, Sky Garden is the perfect spot.

Photo 6 Photo 5

Only some things you do need to be aware of: 1) you have to book 3 weeks in advance…some might say it is a shame, but you will get in for free so I think it is alright. 2) There are, I think, 2 restaurants and a coffee/bar upstairs, (Restaurants need to be booked, coffee/bar no). 3)Take your jacket, because although its warm, you still have the ‘terrace area’ where you definitely can feel the wind freezing your bones. 4) DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE A CAMERA, I-phones are acceptable, but if you really want that perfect Profile Picture, I think you would need a high-quality camera to help you out ;) 5) Please take your ID, you will need to show your tickets at the door. Although the ticket says: ‘bring your IDs’, my friends have forgotten about it… and I had to wait upstairs all alone for them…thank god for the view or else I’d be bored out of my mind.

Photo 2 skygarden view

So, Yes, I literally wrote a whole post on why you should visit Sky Garden and I do not regret it. Have I made you tempted to go there?

Packing for a new chapter

Author: Rachel

Trying to pack up a life from the past to bring to a new chapter of your life can be a little daunting. Moving to a new city, new country even, with new friends and experiences awaiting, is a good opportunity to rediscover who you are as a person, but remembering the old is also key to finding comfort in a foreign place.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.39.58

Shirts, trousers, and shoes. I have a few pieces of clothing in my closet that have never been worn but saved for that ‘one potential occasion’ in which it would be perfect. In the end, I would end up wearing the same few sets of clothing that I feel most comfortable in. After all, it may often take more effort to dress as someone you’re not, than to find the group of people who allow you to dress as yourself. Therefore, pack the clothes that represent you, and otherwise, prepare your closet for many more additions from Oxford Street shopping trips, or otherwise more hipster members from Shoreditch or Camden.

Photos, books, and memories. Moving into a new sScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 16.40.03tudent accommodation, although is filled with exciting new memories to be made, can often stir up emotional feelings of home. Take it from someone who thought they would be well prepared for it after boarding school and many summers away, it helps to be reminded that there are people caring from afar in those moments of academic deadlines and social fears of missing out. Otherwise, it never hurts to be reminded that in our day and age of technology, home is just a phonecall away. So, my advice to you is to take up a little luggage space bringing over a small peace of home, it does a lot on a bad day to return to something more familiar than white walls and an empty desk.

Bits of adult life to remember. Remembering that you are most likely going to be moving into a place where cooking, cleaning, and washing are all up to your newly independent self. However, with the easy access of a nearby Argos or Tesco Superstore, it’s never too difficult to find the necessary equipment to allow you to flourish into a full functioning adult. In addition, a trip to IKEA is never not tempting with a plate of Swedish meatballs.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 19.54.06

Although it may be comforting to try to fit your whole life into the 23kg of baggage allowance to bring with you to a new country, there is only so much that can protect you from the ups and downs of growing up. Therefore, bring what you must, and prepare to lose and gain things on the way, whether good or bad. After all, London is a city of new experiences and opportunities, and university is a good place to start discovering who you are as an independent person in this scary but ultimately wonderful world.