Facebook / Weibo Live Streaming of the Strand Campus Open Day on Saturday 24th June

Author: International Team at King’s

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Unable to make it to our upcoming open days? Not to worry! Our #Kingslive livestreams will transport you there!

Starting Saturday 24th June at the Strand Campus, subjects taught by the faculties of Arts & Humanities, Law, Natural & Mathematical Sciences, Social Science & Public Policy and the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience will be covered in talks, as well as the opportunity to talk with our academics, admissions, careers, residences & student life teams and have a tour of the campus.

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Being a mature student – interview with Manjot

Author: Anwar

The student body at King’s is extremely diverse, Anwar blog post - pictureculturally and age-wise, which creates the incredibly eclectic and international quality we are lucky to have. However, at undergraduate level, where the majority of students are 18, it can be a bit daunting to start a degree at an older age. This is something I know I was worried about when I started at King’s this year at the age of 20.
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Conference trip to France

Author: Diana

One of the best things about studying in London is that travelling around Europe is fast and inexpensive. So every time I have an opportunity to go to a different city, I don’t even think about it, I just go. For me travelling means so much more than just to visit a different country. I think that when you travel you also learn a lot about yourself. You get to know what it is that you are capable of, and you mature in so many ways. Estrasburgo Continue reading

A day as a King’s graduate student

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Author: Diana

Being a student is not as easy as it sounds. However, the truth is, that what matters the most, is the person you become after you finish your studies, not only academically, but as a whole. Having the opportunity to study in one of the best universities in the world and live in one of the most amazing cities, one can grow in so many ways.

I will narrate my day as a postgraduate student at King’s College London from the first morning coffee to bed time:

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My Study Abroad experience

NYC snow 1

Author: Anuthida

When I was applying for undergraduate programmes, something that really attracted me to King’s was the emphasis it placed on the study abroad programme it offers. I know, I know – being from Singapore, wasn’t attending university overseas already studying abroad? Indeed it is, but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to experience living and studying in two vastly different cities? Continue reading

Health-related Advancements at King’s

Author: LeeAnn

Transitioning from undergraduate studies to a postgraduate program can be very stressful if you’re not sure what to expect. As a current master’s student in the Biomedical and Molecular Sciences Research (BMSR) MSc program at King’s, I hope to provide you with some information to make the transition a little less taxing.

In the BMSR program, the yearlong course is divided into two parts: three months of courses and nine months of labs/dissertation writing. I found first part of the program to be quite similar to undergraduate studies because I was given a schedule for my modules, regular assignments, and an exam timetable. Of course, the workload burden will be different for everyone depending on what you are used to, but I found it very doable and not overly stressful.

However, the labsecond portion of the program is much different. As someone who never worked in a lab full-time before, I found it to be very different than attending regularly scheduled classes. I was required to spend each day in the lab from 9am until about 6pm, including some weekends, to carry out experiments and read relevant papers in my area of research. I am specifically focusing on Synthetic Lethality studies using CRISPR editing in cancer cell lines. I find this work to be very interesting, and while stressful at times, rewarding. Transitioning to this sort of daily work is much easier if you enjoy what you are working on, so make sure to find a lab that best suits your interests and skills.

King’s is an amazing place to do research because there are health-related st thomas hospitaladvancements happening all the time. Furthermore, many of the labs are designed in such a way that you can easily collaborate with other researchers from outside of your lab group. I have found this helpful when I have a question about something that another individual has more experience working on. This type of environment allows for the progression of ideas and increases the desire for teamwork in the lab.

I cannot speak for any other division, but the researchers in the cancer division are friendly and flexible people who want to see their peers succeed. The lab group that I am a part of does amazing work using new techniques to target cancer cells. These are the types of advancements that are made a King’s. Since we are part of the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust, we have the opportunity to attend a number of talks given by talented individuals. I have found these seminars very interesting and I see them as a good way to stay up to date on what’s currently happening in the field. It’s truly wonderful to be part of this community where I feel like my work really does matter.

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