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King’s College appealed to me in a multitude of areas even as I was filling in my university application almost two years ago. It still stands proudly within the top 25 of the 2017 QS World University Rankings, and that fact alone makes it stand out from the pack. Coupled with its prime location in central London and the extensive range of societies that it offers, choosing King’s College as my firm choice was a no-brainer for me.


To those who don’t know me, my name is Maria, I am a BA War Studies and History student who had the opportunity to live in a few places during childhood. I was born in Portugal but since the age of two I moved to different countries around Latin America, from Brazil to Colombia and Mexico, before going back to Europe again and finishing high school in Spain. If you ask me where I feel I am from, I would say all of them and none of them. I do feel quite international at times, and although my parents raised me within the Portuguese culture, I would not really feel Portuguese per se. I adore coffee, love theatre and art, and like good food like anyone would. Having lived in such places has enabled me to taste different flavors, experience different kinds of arts, and immerse myself in interesting cultures that having to choose one seems, for me, difficult since they all have their beauties in it. In the future, I do not really know what I want or will be, but who actually really knows this right? So, I hope I am able to keep living in different places, learning different cultures, and experiencing different food.

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  1. Inegavelmente que acreditar que você afirmou . Seu favorito razão parecia ser sobre o líquido o mais simples coisa a estar ciente
    de. Eu digo a você, eu definitivamente obter irritado enquanto pessoas pense preocupa que eles
    claramente don ‘ t que sabem. Você conseguiu bater o prego em
    cima do topo e também definido para fora a coisa toda sem ter efeito colateral ,
    pessoas poderia tomar um sinal. Será provavelmente
    volta para buscar mais. Obrigado

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