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Boey Yik
I’m a third-year King’s pharmacy student who hails from a small town in Malaysia called Ipoh. I’ve been an international student ambassador for almost 3 years now and the best part of my role is being able to meet new students and counsellors from all corners of the world. A fun fact about me is that I’m a massive Mariah Carey fan, and I could probably sing on cue any of her songs in her repertoire!




Issabella Orlando
Issabella is a Toronto-born, London-based Ancient History student. She has always been an avid writer, fascinated by antiquity,
travel and world issues. Inspired by the ancient past, she hopes to use her background in classical studies to as a foundation of insight from which she can better understand social, cultural and political issues within the modern world, develop a greater appreciation for the destinations of her adventures around the globe, and write her own works addressing the interconnectivity of her three loves.


Sharmila Devi Devi
Hi, This is Sharmila and I am a first year medical student. I am an Indian national, but I’ve lived in Singapore for the entirety of my life! I have always loved to write – medical content, personal experiences and the like. I am also interested in the use of artificial intelligence in surgeries. In my spare time, I love to volunteer with youths at high-crime-risk neighbourhoods. In the future, I hope to merge my passion in teaching and academic interests in medicine to reach out to more people and form deeper relationships with them!


Teenie Wong
Teenie is a Hong Kong-born, Biomedical Science student at King’s. She has always been fascinated and inspired by people around her and especially with her experiences at King’s, London and high school days in the countryside in Shropshire. She hopes to use her international background to connect people around her by sharing stories, and develop a greater sense of family at King’s.



Yuki Sugiyama
Hi, this is Yuki, and I am working towards a master’s degree in ‘Digital Culture and Society’ at King’s College London. After graduating from a Japanese university, I had worked in Tokyo for 5 years before coming to King’s. I really liked my job and livelihood in Tokyo, but I decided to take on a new challenge to move away from my comfort zone. My job, to simplify, was to plan and create advertising campaigns. By becoming a ‘digital’ specialist here in London, I aim to be a communications professional. For the future, I have considered many options including working for public sector such as International organisations.

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