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Food Glorious Food (Part 2)

02/11/2017 0

Welcome back to the second part of this miniseries, where I once again attempt to unleash my inner food blogger by giving you some suggestions for eating in London. I’ve learnt from experience not to keep a flock of hungry […]

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Food Glorious Food (Part 1)

25/10/2017 0

Allow me to let you in on a little secret – I can’t cook to save my life. I’m not exaggerating when I say that whipping out a bowl of steamed rice last week was probably the peak of my […]

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5 Social Tips for International Students

19/09/2017 0

Your suitcase is crammed with everything from kitchen appliances to your favourite stuffed animal, your new shoes are polished and ready to trample the streets of London, and you’ve packed every local delicacy that has ever existed in your hometown […]

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Quick Q&A with recent graduate – part 2

08/09/2016 0

Author: Julie Applying to university What was the most difficult thing for you when you applied to university? The personal statement was the most difficult thing for me because I only got one chance to impress 5 different admissions teams […]

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My experience at Stamford Street Apartments

04/08/2016 0

Author: Boey Aside from the actual campus itself, probably the most vital element of a student’s university experience is his accommodation. Choosing one would require some substantial research on the student’s part, as there are numerous factors to consider, including […]

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How to spend summer as an international student

21/07/2016 0

Author: LeeAnn As an international student, I want to live my summer to the fullest in London and Europe because I know that I won’t be living here much longer. Being a master’s student, I don’t exactly have time off […]