My Summer in London

Summer is my favourite time of the year in London. The city comes alive, and the long days and continuously beautiful golden hours make each day magical. I had my first ever summer this year in London, and let me tell you – leaving the country to go back home to New Zealand was tough.
So allow me to reminisce with you some of my favourite days spent in the beautiful London sun.

Being a student means most of my summer a ctivities consisted of parks i.e. the best, free thing that has ever happened to a city. You’ll find plenty of them in London, and I made my way around them with my friends. Regent’s Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and Greenwich Park are just some of the major parks, and they’re only touching the surface. Bring a football, a pack of cards, a book and a few beers and you have your summer days sorted. Trust me they will be the best days of your summer, and are exactly what you need post exams.

One of my favourite day trips was one to Hampstead Heath. London is infamous for it’s many parks in the city – but Hampstead Heath is special because of it’s swimming ponds. London may not have a beach, but the ponds are a pretty cool substitute. My friends and I had a glorious dip in these ponds followed by a necessary tanning session (you will not get many of these throughout the year) and a picnic in the midst of the Hampstead Heath fields. The views from here are just absolutely beautiful, being the highest natural point in London.









If you want to get a bit of a sweat on whilst simultaneously checking out the beautiful properties of Mayfair, then rent a Santander bicycle. One of my favourite days consisted of solely riding around the beautiful city we have. From Notting Hill through to Kensington, navigating the London streets on a bike in the heat is a must do.

However, a true London summer would not be complete without spending time with your mates at the pub outdoors until closing time. Yeah, that’s definitely what the London summer is about. Good drinks and good company.

Aryn Azlan

Aryn is a second year medical student born in Singapore. When she was 6, she moved to New Zealand and has lived there ever since. She has always wanted to study and live in London and the beautiful city has exceeded her expectations so far. One of her passions is travelling so she is more than excited to now explore Europe. In the future she hopes to use her medical degree to work abroad and help countries in crisis. For now, she is loving being a student and wants to use her role as a student ambassador to help others feel excited about their student experience too.