My Turn to Graduate

This is a celebratory season. Every year, this is the season where I attend my friend’s graduation, looking at pictures with graduation gown and sending congratulate messages. This year, it’s finally my turn to graduate!

I have been longing for this moment, imagining myself in the graduation gown standing in the graduation hall. However, I didn’t find myself as excited as I imagine. Instead, I am having a mix feeling towards my upcoming graduation. This is because there is a part of me feel sad to leave the university life and my friends.

Studying at King’s has been a big part and one of the most important experiences in my life. Looking back at the first year, I was so excited when I first came to London. Making new friends in the fresher week, trying out different sports and activities that I’ve never tried and exploring the beauty and mystery part of London were the things that I enjoyed the most.

The second year was busy but fulfilling. The workload of academics increased, and the modules were more challenging. At the same time, I also took up several committee positions such as the treasurer of Pro Bono Society and the treasurer of Malaysian Society. Therefore, most of my days were filled with events and lib rary. My summer school in China was also another highlight of my university life. Although it was exhausting, I enjoyed every single moment of it.

When I entered my final year, I have decided to have a change in my university life. I volunteered in a law centre and King’s Legal Clinic as a student legal advisor rather than joining other club and society. Besides, I also spent quality time with my friends having a group study session in the library, playing the snow in Hyde Park (it’s really rare that London snows!) and just chilling in the student lounge. My final year was quieter but satisfying.

Looking back at all the memories, it makes it harder for me to leave King’s. King’s has groomed me to be a better person. The experiences were unforgettable and the people that I met here were irreplaceable. I will always remember the fun and bitter times in King’s and grateful for everything that I have now.

Now, I am ready for the next milestone! Goodbye King’s, you will be missed!

Jaycie Chan