Highlights of the Year: Make Do Play Flashmob

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One of my most memorable experiences this year was being involved in a flashmob dance. The flashmob was part of Make Do Play – a cross-university challenge to explore how creative activity enhances psychological wellbeing. The King’s Cultural Institute launched Make Do Play, inviting students to take part in daily creative challenges alongside artist-led sessions in craft making, singing, drawing and dance throughout March 2018.

I’ve always loved dance. When I found out that there was going to be a dance workshop leading to a flashmob, I knew I wanted to take part. The workshop was led by a professional dancer from Rambert dance company. We learnt the choreography and got the chance to discuss in groups and add in our own creative dance moves to the choreography. It was great fun!

The actual flashmob was held a week after the workshop at Guy’s campus. We had a final rehearsal in one of the classrooms an hour before heading out in the open. The weather was lovely – blue skies and the sun shining brightly. We took our positions before starting. Just as the music started playing, I felt tiny drops of water landing on my skin. The next minute, it started drizzling, and it got heavier and heavier. But as we danced to rhythm of the music and the rush of excitement and adrenaline fuelled our bodies, not even the rain could stop us from moving to the music. Funnily enough, the minute we finished dancing, the rain stopped. We were all astonished by the weather. You’ll probably only experience such weather in London.

Although the weather seemed unfortunate, dancing in the rain was a unique experience in its own way. Rain usually brings down people’s moods. But for the first time, I witnessed how people were so determined and happy to dance despite the rain. We were all wet by the end of the flashmob, but every moment of it was worth it. This Make Do Play flashmob experience was indeed one that I will always remember. Being able to do something fun with a bunch of other people, especially in the midst of academic life and deadlines definitely contributes to a holistic university experience here at King’s.


Alicia Yoon