Money Saving Tips you haven’t thought of yet!

There are lots of ways to save money as a student. Here are some ideas you may not have heard so far. Every penny* counts!


1) Travel card
Save a third on your train travel when you buy a 16-25 Railcard. After just a few trips to the beach on your weekends off, you’ll have made up that money in no time!



No weekend plans? This one is for the spontaneous adventurer! Find some excellent discounts on holidays and experiences all at last minute!




3) Reduced section!
Find meal inspiration by heading to the supermarkets around 6pm. You’ll find lots of high end, quirky products going much cheaper than normal. You’ll find all sorts of interesting products that were originally out of your price zone, and may even inspire a few budget-version recipes. Watch out for the expiry dates with caution!



4) Amazon New & Used
Along with the Prime service, Amazon New and Used can be a great way to find all your reading resources. Not all books have to come from the high street; although you may end up waiting a few days longer, you can find everything you need at a slightly lower price. Make sure you order these well in advance – they disappear quickly!



5) Charity shops
Not only will you find a whole new wardrobe for the price of one pair of shoes, charity shops are an excellent way to find books, crockery, board games and films, all while giving back to a good course. Found yourself a cheaper unfurnished property for 2nd year? Deck the whole place out thanks for British Heart Foundation’s discounted furniture.



6) Don’t shop when you’re hungry
Ever heard the phrase “One’s eyes are bigger than one’s stomach”? Not only that, but they can sometimes be bigger than our bank accounts too! Line your stomach before heading out for a weekly shop; you’ll be surprised at how fewer snacks and impulse buys find their way into your trolley.



7) Mega Bus
Forget the train, the Mega Bus is the way to travel! Find much cheaper tickets to top UK destinations. Pack a sandwich, settle in – make a day of it!




and finally…

8) Views of the City at Bush House
Forget that trendy new rooftop bar your flatmate was telling you about. Head to the cafe at the top of Bush House for your very own King’s VIP view of London. Your Instagram followers will love it!