Favourite Places on Campus: Wills Library, Guy’s Campus

As a Humanities student with friends in Medicine, I often get to enjoy the perks without the pain; suspiciously quiet study spaces without the inhumane workload. Guy’s campus, famous for its green lively courtyard, Tuesday Farmers Markets and beautiful friendly surroundings, is often associated with the modern yet always busy New Hunts House library, especially to students based on different campuses, but boy does it have to offer so much more than that!

If you haven’t discovered Wills Library yet, you are missing out big deal. Not only is this hidden gem the most quiet study space, but it is also an architectural jewel in all aspects, combining the old-fashioned and prestigious silent area with the modern computer room hidden behind the walls.

Also, in this library you can actually open the windows, which is a big plus for fresh air and green-smell lovers out there!

The wooden furniture makes it a cozy area where you can think and get inspired, whereas you will definitely be motivated to work harder seeing those concentrating students around you without ruining your posture thanks to these tall and seemingly uncomfortable chairs. Once you find a spot at those large heavy tables, you’ll never want to leave that place. Lost in your thoughts you can take a glimpse outside the tall floor-to-ceiling windows directly facing blooming flowers and growing trees, where natural light will definitely contribute to your overall euphoric feelings, giving you feelings of warmth during the summer days or comfort during those rainy autumn evenings.

As a history student, I couldn’t help but diving into the book collections.

Wills Library and Keats Room: Situated in the Hodgkin Building at Guy’s Campus, it was originally the main library for the Guy’s Hospital Medical School. The Wills Library was a gift in 1903 by the former governor of Guy’s Hospital, the late Sir Frederick Wills and it was opened as the Medical School Library. Many books, archives and documents that were kept in the Wills Library, such as Guy’s committee minute books, have been moved to the King’s College London Archives in 2004, although the library still contains a collection of books that can be retrieved by request. The Wills Library also incorporates the Keats Room named after King’s alumni John Keats, who was a medical student at Guy’s Hospital.

Overall, the Wills library hidden in the Hodgkin building at Guy’s Campus is definitely a perfect place to study or find some peace during the day. If you’re a library junkie like me, I guarantee you’ll be hooked and enjoy the experience! A visit during exam time is definitely worthwhile and you won’t regret it!