Comparing London to my Home Country: Hong Kong

Hello again, I am Teenie from Hong Kong and have been living in London for about 2 years.

First of all, the culture. I think both Hong Kong and London are very welcoming to foreigners and we would feel safe wandering around most areas. The international aspect allows people to have the greatest experiences in both cities, which is what I really love about London.

I think Hong Kong is still one of the best food paradises in the world as it has every cuisine you can think of, and they make it delicious! After studying A-levels in the countryside in England, I think London is pretty amazing food-wise for its wide range and authenticity. What I miss the most about Hong Kong, second to my family, really is the food. Here I have some authentic Hong Kong local food that is hard to get in London!

I live quite far away from Guy’s campus so I take the tube every day which my student travel card.

Both cities have a comprehensive transportation system which is easy and straightforward to use.  The slight downside is that London transportation is more expensive than in Hong Kong. But it makes sense as London is bigger than Hong Kong in terms of size.

Hong Kong is always going to be my home, but London is definitely my second home. I am loving every bit of London so far, learning and exploring new things every single day! Feel free to ask us, the International ambassadors, if you have any questions about London…or anything really! I looking forward to having more international buddies in the coming years at King’s!


Teenie Wong