Preparing for Exams

It’s the time of the year again; exams…and SUMMER!
Looking back at May 2017 when I took my first final year exam in university, all I remember is “last minute cramping”. Every time, after a deadline or an exam, I always asked myself, “Why didn’t you start revising earlier?”, “Why didn’t you plan out your schedule?”. To be super honest, I did! For the May exams, I planned a 3 month schedule and revised all topics repeatedly, but what I revised just didn’t stay in my brain. I was so tired, stressed, devastated, exhausted, anything negative: you can name. But no matter how many times I nearly gave up, I didn’t want to waste what I had done, so I have to at least do what I can still do. When the cycle of stressing starts, giving up and then being motivated repeats. It wasn’t until the last few days before my exams when what I revised magically came back!

  • Repeated exposure to exam content does amazing things to your brain that you don’t even recognise until the exact moment that you need it.
  • There will always be exam stress, and a good amount of it will actually motivate and bring the best out of your capabilities!

I hate reading – like, really! I find myself working much faster listening to lecture capture, watching animations online and copying key points again and again. Hence, understanding what type of learner you are and mode of studying that is most effective for you would make revision much more efficient.

Are you a Visual Learner? Do flowcharts, use colours, write down key points, put stickies around your room!
An Auditory Learner? Discuss with a friend, listen to lecture capture, read to yourself repeatedly!
A Kinaesthetic Learner? Copy notes over and over again, move about when studying, trace keywords!

My best tips would be:

  • Start planning now – it is never too late to start!
  • Find your mode of learning
  • Repeat exam content revision in cycles
  • Take breaks in between, give yourself a treat!
  • Motivation – SUMMER will be there after all your hard work!

Last but not least, TELL YOURSELF YOU CAN DO IT! Work hard, don’t let yourself regret after you get your grades and enjoy summer!

Teenie Wong

Teenie is a Hong Kong-born, Biomedical Science student at King’s. She has always been fascinated and inspired by people around her and especially with her experiences at King’s, London and high school days in the countryside in Shropshire. She hopes to use her international background to connect people around her by sharing stories, and develop a greater sense of family at King’s.