How to intern abroad while studying at King’s College London?

Andreea pics 3 July 2017The Global Internship programme started last year, summer of 2016 and it took place in three locations, Washington DC, Shanghai and Mumbai. I was one of the people who had the incredible opportunity to go and intern for 7 weeks in Mumbai. By far it was one of the best experiences of my life. It was that incredible that this year I am interning again, but this time in Medellin, Colombia.

For everyone who is interested in interning abroad, the Global Internship Programme is a secure platform that you can use. The process is very straightforward, easy to follow and this year’s Keats module that they created exclusively for the people doing the internship was a valuable asset to have.

1. Where did you go and what did you do for your internship?
I went to Mumbai for 7 weeks and I interned at Excel Entertainment, which is a quite small film production company based in Mumbai. I was part of the production team for their upcoming web series Power Play. Part of my everyday responsibilities included script work, doing one-liners, creating excel documents with all the props they need, or do location research.

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2. What was the best thing about your internship?
I really enjoyed the variety of tasks that I had to perform, as well as having the chance to interact and network with people from the industry that I would normally see in films. One of the best experiences during my internship was the day I went shooting in a film studio. It was an incredible experience, as I had the chance to observe how they got everything ready for shooting, from lighting and props, to camera positions.

3. What were the other students like on the Global Internships Programme?

Andreea pics 2 July 2017 - Copy3GIP did an amazing work choosing the group of students. We were spilt into 2 groups, five of us living in north Mumbai and the other five living in South Mumbai. It was very easy to get along with everyone, which made the experience much better. We travelled in different parts of India together, played football on the beach every night before the monsoon started, watched Hindi television programme or just explored Mumbai together. I never had such an amazing bonding with any other people before. I am thankful for GIP for making this happen.

4. What was the most surprising thing about living and working in Mumbai/India?
The atmosphere in Mumbai is full of life and relaxed. People are very welcoming and curious, and by curious, I mean that there were many instances when I was stopped around because locals wanted to take a photo with me. I used to take rickshaws to work or around the city and I would always have interesting conversations with the drivers.

5. What was the most memorable moment of your stay in Mumbai/India?

Andreea pics 4 July 2017 - Copy2During my second week in Mumbai, I celebrated my 20th birthday. The team at work got me a birthday cake and sang me “Happy Birthday!”. At night, my friends surprised me again. I got a mango cake, as they know I love mango and organised a night out. It was an adventurous night, one that I will never forget. If someone would have told me a year before that I would celebrate my birthday in India, I wouldn’t have believed them.

6. What do you think is the most important thing you learned from this experience?
I learnt that everyone needs to start somewhere, and if you are enthusiastic and willing to learn you can succeed in everything. When I started working at Excel, I was quite worried as I didn’t have any previous experience working in film production. Now, I am more confident in my abilities, willing to learn more and experience the world.

7. What would you say to somebody who is thinking of applying for a global internship?
Regardless if you choose to go to India or Shanghai, I would say to just apply and see what happens. I am incredibly thankful for having been given the opportunity to take part in this programme. There are not many people out there who can say they worked with Farhan Akhtar, or that they had a five hours non- AC bus ride from Agra to Delhi. It was by far the most enriching experience of my life. I made lifetime friendships, learned more about the film industry and got more mature.

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