My first term at King’s (Mandarin)

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初来到伦敦是去年的九月中旬,天气微凉但却难得的晴朗。出了希思罗机场,uber一路向东,我好奇地打量着这个素未谋面但却在影视书籍中认识了十几年的城市,然后在某一个拐弯处,印象里伦敦的地标性建筑,开始一一浮现。我惊异地看着那些积厚流光的砖瓦,却惹得uber司机忍俊不禁:“先别兴奋,这可是你们国王学院的学生每天上学的路。”  Continue reading

Making your dreams come true in London

Author: Diana


Around three years ago when I was starting my third year of undergrad in the University of Texas Pan-American, I made my second study abroad program. This time I travelled to Spain. The program itself was fantastic, but after a month of studying in Salamanca, Spain, my friend and I decided to travel another month around Europe. We had the opportunity to go to Brussels, Norway, Italy, France, Poland, Ireland and we made a stop in London. Our experience in every country was very unique and amazing, but as soon as we arrived in London, I just felt in love with this incredible city. Continue reading

My Study Abroad experience

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Author: Anuthida

When I was applying for undergraduate programmes, something that really attracted me to King’s was the emphasis it placed on the study abroad programme it offers. I know, I know – being from Singapore, wasn’t attending university overseas already studying abroad? Indeed it is, but who wouldn’t jump at the chance to experience living and studying in two vastly different cities? Continue reading

Making your dreams come true in 2017!

notebook-1194456_960_720Author: Andreea

As the year has come to an end, everyone gets overexcited to dash all that happened in 2016, forget about it, bury it and pretend it never happened. Now people start talking about their new year resolutions, that normally sound something like, “I’ll start that diet, go to the gym every day and really focus on my studies.” Continue reading