Sky Garden-ing

Author: Maria

You must be wondering, why is she dedicating a whole post to one place only? Well, if you have not been to that place then you will understand why I am writing this blog post (by the end of this post you will be definitely tempted to go to there), and if you have been there then you will definitely understand why I had to dedicate a whole post to it.

Sky Garden is the place I literally tell all students to go to. Well, actually I don’t really tell Photo 4 them, it is more like me commanding them to go there ASAP (I am joking, I wouldn’t be that rude…). But it is true, I always tell people they should go to sky garden because it is one of my favorite spots in London, where you can enjoy an amazing view for free… (Not like the Shard…Although I still believe if you have the opportunity to go, GO (as you can see I am quite Photo 3 obsessed with views). But you can also stay warm, enjoy a cup of coffee/tea or even mimosa, and just relax. Who would have thought that an urban jungle has it all?

For the three years I have been in London, I must say I go every year more than twice. I think it is definitely a perfect get away from the crowded London streets without having to go too far away (only 35 floors up). And yes, even if you are scared of heights, I think you wouldn’t be that scared because it is safe. I have taken all of my friends there, my cousin and my mother, and they all have enjoyed it so much. So, if you have a friend coming over, or you want to impress your parents of how well you know London, or even if you want to take someone on a date but you don’t have the money, Sky Garden is the perfect spot.

Photo 6 Photo 5

Only some things you do need to be aware of: 1) you have to book 3 weeks in advance…some might say it is a shame, but you will get in for free so I think it is alright. 2) There are, I think, 2 restaurants and a coffee/bar upstairs, (Restaurants need to be booked, coffee/bar no). 3)Take your jacket, because although its warm, you still have the ‘terrace area’ where you definitely can feel the wind freezing your bones. 4) DO NOT FORGET TO TAKE A CAMERA, I-phones are acceptable, but if you really want that perfect Profile Picture, I think you would need a high-quality camera to help you out 😉 5) Please take your ID, you will need to show your tickets at the door. Although the ticket says: ‘bring your IDs’, my friends have forgotten about it… and I had to wait upstairs all alone for them…thank god for the view or else I’d be bored out of my mind.

Photo 2 skygarden view

So, Yes, I literally wrote a whole post on why you should visit Sky Garden and I do not regret it. Have I made you tempted to go there?