Art in London

Author: Maria

As an art amateur lover there is one thing London for sure never lets you down: Exhibitions. London is filled with beautiful, amazing and most famous museums and galleries. I think it has so many that I have not been able to make it to all of them. However, I will let you know a few exhibitions which I have been and think are definitely worth visiting this winter (especially since it is getting cold around here).

The Royal Academy Royal Academy of Arts - Maria Nov16of Arts – Fell in love not only with its building, but also with the exhibitions it hosts but also their restaurant and the ‘Keeper’s gallery’. First visited it last year to see Ai Weiwei, then became their friend, and do not think I regret that choice. This year their ‘Abstract Expressionism’ exhibition will not disappoint.



National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery – Trafalgar National Gallery and National Portrait Gallery - Maria Nov16Square would not be the same if these galleries were not there. They not only make the picture perfect look, but also host some of the most impressive paintings! (Being a fan of Monet’s gardens, I think the national gallery permanent exhibition is a win) and now, the National Portrait Gallery is hosting Picasso’s portraits!!! What is not to love about it? You see the phase of all of Picasso’s portraits, from his more conventional painting style to his later phases of surrealism and cubism. It is a must see.

Natural History Museum – Okay, I am not a big fan of seeing animals and learning about Natural History Museum - Maria Nov 16natural history, but I must say, when I went to this museum, suddenly I became very much a fan. Aside from that every year they host, wildlife photography exhibition which, by the way, is fantastic. The music which plays in the background as you stroll around the dark exhibition makes the whole atmosphere unforgettable. Furthermore, you see “out-of-this world” photos from nature which are insanely beautiful.



Tate Modern because you cannot get any more modern than that 😉 and you have a free permanent exhibition that is definitely worth looking at.Bob Dylan Halcyon Gallery - Maria Nov16

Bob Dylan, a musician, and a painter… I didn’t know that until I saw it for myself. Halcyon Gallery is hosting this inspiring artist’s paints and sculptures. It is definitely worth taking a look at if you are already a fan of this great man.

I will conclude it here, but there is never an end to art. London has so many amazing exhibitions that it would be such a shame not to even step in in one of these museums. Now that it is cold outside, what better excuse do you have to go inside and immerse yourself in a world of art? See you around there! Halcyon Gallery - Maria Nov16