Choosing King’s

Author: Maria

Since this is one of my first blog posts, I have decided to do one on why I chose to study at King’s. I feel like if I am introducing myself as a King’s student, I should do so alongside my first King’s experience. But before that, let me tell you one thing, this ‘story’ will start from the moment I went to my first lecture and then it will go back in time to the very moment I chose to apply to King’s. Yes, I do not follow the conventional methods of storytelling, so bear with me if you can please.

I was filled with joy, happiness and all those beautiful words the moment I was inside my first lecture. I had already registered at King’s, had gone through both the War Studies and waterloo-campusHistory induction day (FYI, I do War Studies and History…), but it wasn’t until I was actually sitting and listening to a proper lecturer talking about what I was actually going to study that it hit me: ‘I am studying at King’s. I am definitely here.’

But why was I so obsessed about King’s? You know that cliché people tell you that when applying to universities you should visit them, because you will feel which university is right when you walk in there? That was King’s for me. I felt those butterflies. It was the atmosphere, the people, the fact that it was liberal and artsy, multicultural and relaxed – It was not ‘cliquey’, there were groups of students from all over the world mingling with each other, it was international and I loved that since I had always been moving around. King’s in a nutshell is global. It was the very reason why I wanted to come to London in the first place. I knew the moment I had finished the Campus tour for prospective students that I had to be part of this.


At first I thought I wanted to do History and Politics, so when I visited King’s I already knew they did not have this course, but I went either way since I knew their history department was very strong. But coming out from that tour made me want to reconsider what I wanted to study. I had heard of War Studies and History but did not know what War Studies was about. Researching the course online, and talking about it with some of my teachers I realized my personality was more suited for the War Studies program rather than Politics. I was into more multidisciplinary subjects – my interested varied between arts and philosophy; politics and sociology – and war studies is really about all of this, I could study it from different perspectives and angles and that was what I liked. Especially since as I said before, I do not really follow conventional methodologies.

As I walk into my third year,pic1 I sometimes still have to pinch myself to know I am actually studying here. So far King’s has met my expectations, and my course has become more than just a course, but a major part of who I am and what I am interested. My advice to you: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel it for yourself – I heard King’s offers campus tours throughout the year 😉