Packing for a new chapter

Author: Rachel

Trying to pack up a life from the past to bring to a new chapter of your life can be a little daunting. Moving to a new city, new country even, with new friends and experiences awaiting, is a good opportunity to rediscover who you are as a person, but remembering the old is also key to finding comfort in a foreign place.

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Shirts, trousers, and shoes. I have a few pieces of clothing in my closet that have never been worn but saved for that ‘one potential occasion’ in which it would be perfect. In the end, I would end up wearing the same few sets of clothing that I feel most comfortable in. After all, it may often take more effort to dress as someone you’re not, than to find the group of people who allow you to dress as yourself. Therefore, pack the clothes that represent you, and otherwise, prepare your closet for many more additions from Oxford Street shopping trips, or otherwise more hipster members from Shoreditch or Camden.

Photos, books, and memories. Moving into a new sScreen Shot 2016-08-18 at 16.40.03tudent accommodation, although is filled with exciting new memories to be made, can often stir up emotional feelings of home. Take it from someone who thought they would be well prepared for it after boarding school and many summers away, it helps to be reminded that there are people caring from afar in those moments of academic deadlines and social fears of missing out. Otherwise, it never hurts to be reminded that in our day and age of technology, home is just a phonecall away. So, my advice to you is to take up a little luggage space bringing over a small peace of home, it does a lot on a bad day to return to something more familiar than white walls and an empty desk.

Bits of adult life to remember. Remembering that you are most likely going to be moving into a place where cooking, cleaning, and washing are all up to your newly independent self. However, with the easy access of a nearby Argos or Tesco Superstore, it’s never too difficult to find the necessary equipment to allow you to flourish into a full functioning adult. In addition, a trip to IKEA is never not tempting with a plate of Swedish meatballs.

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Although it may be comforting to try to fit your whole life into the 23kg of baggage allowance to bring with you to a new country, there is only so much that can protect you from the ups and downs of growing up. Therefore, bring what you must, and prepare to lose and gain things on the way, whether good or bad. After all, London is a city of new experiences and opportunities, and university is a good place to start discovering who you are as an independent person in this scary but ultimately wonderful world.