Internship at King’s – Undergraduate Fellowship Research Program

Author: Maria

Usually during the Summer I would be laying by the pool side, or the beach, sipping a really cold drink and just relaxing. However, as amazing as it sounds, I would always be bored by the second week of summer and would always end up trying to find a job, internship, you name it. But it would always be difficult because I never had any work experience. This year however, my luck changed.

King’s offers the Undergraduate Fellowship Research Program, having heard amazing things about it on my first year of University, I decided to try it out this year. Therefore, I applied for the War Studies one on how weapons of mass destruction shape international politics. No longer was I sipping a few cocktails, or getting a tan, instead I am coming into office or working at the library and looking into files, congress hearings, classified documents and researching something that I have come to really be passionate about. Some might think ‘I would not trade those summer nights for this’, but trust me, if you really choose your work well, it actually pays off. It is also not like you will not have summer, I will still have a month to relax, but now I actually know I will be really enjoying those weeks.

My reason for applying for this internship was because first, I had applied to all corporate institutions without really wanting to join any of them. They don’t really suit my personality, and I was doing it more because I wanted to get an experience rather than actually thinking why I really wanted to work for it. Clearly, I was not motivated to work in a bank or anything like that. The undergraduate fellowship instead offered me exactly what I wanted: a subject I was interested about and also the ability to really understand what it is like to go into academia. It has not only taught me how to do better researches, but also it gave me an opportunity to foster relationships with academics, to learn more about approaching research projects and essay writing. I have become more familiar with that world. Yes, there is also a side of me that would not mind doing academia and that is also why I tried it out to see if I like it, but also, even if academia is not your ‘thing’, the program will empower you with so many skills that are and will be essential for your personal, academic, and professional life.

Do not worry, I am not trying to make you sign up for this program! King’s also is able to offer you any kind of opportunities during summer, whether it is an internship with them, or somewhere else. King’s is amazing at guiding students to the places they want to go. If you want to do a summer school, or an internship abroad, King’s can make those things come true for you. If you want to stay in London and just work casually or find an internship somewhere else, King’s careers will also help you achieve that. They offer advice on how to make your CV better, how to write cover letters and they even prepare you for the interview. Seriously, one of the best things about King’s is that they empower you to get into the ‘real world’ with the essential skills. They have the services to help you face what sometimes can be quite scary especially as a student going into your first job. Using these services has been one of the best things that I have been able to experience at King’s. And well, if you have it for free, why not enjoy it constantly?