Why I’m proud to be a student at King’s

Author: LeeAnn

I wake up on a Tuesday at 7:30am and get ready for my day in the lab on Guy’s campus in the Division of Cancer Studies. Here I am able to do cutting edge research at a top university and learn about concepts I could have only dreamt about at other universities. King’s makes this my reality.

Studying at King’s is truly a privilege. Located in the heart of London—at Waterloo, the Strand, London Bridge, St. Thomas, and Denmark Hill—the opportunities are endless. My course is split between the Waterloo and Guy’s campuses. Most of my modules were in the Franklin Wilkins Building; just a few minutes walk from the London Eye and Southbank. This gave me the ability to experience academiwaterloo librarya in a place where I could then have a nice spot to relax and have dinner with friends in central London. My course mates and I would often spend a long day in the lab together, followed by drinks at a nearby pub or have lunch at Nando’s down the street in between lectures. King’s campuses are strategically located so that it is very easy to socialize with your peers in between your busy schedule.

My course gave me the chance to choose a lab in which to pursue my dissertation studies. Because King’s has so many connections and such a large network, my peers and I had more than enough labs to choose from, in many subjects and all around the city. This was important to me because I was able to find research that suited my interest and was close to where I live, helping me save time and money every day. On that note, King’s knows it is expensive to live in London and tries to help students save money where possible. For example, the cafes and restaurants on the varying campuses serve a variety ofwaterloo cafe meals, snacks, and drinks for low prices. The school has also partnered with a fitness center to allow students to enjoy cheaper gym memberships. I’m proud of my university for caring about its students’ every day needs.


Furthermore, I feel supported by my program tutors. I believe this is crucial, especially as an international student. While many things at KCL work in a similar manner to my undergraduate university in the U.S., there are still many differences. My tutors have done everything in their power to help everyone in the program succeed, even when it was not directly under their control. This “going above and beyond” behavior is representative of all of the individuals I have met who work for King’s. One example of this behavior was when my housing was declared unsuitable due to a boiler issue and King’s found and subsidized the accommodation until the problem was resolved for me and all other affected students. The housing King’s chose for us was truly amazing and I am thankful that the university was able to solve such a terrible problem.

King’s is a place that becomes more than just a school for its students; it becomes home and the environment King’s has created makes me proud to be a part of it each day.