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Henry 2
Hi there! I’m Henry and I’m currently in my second year of a BA in War Studies. I have always been fascinated by history but when I came to examine War Studies as an option, I was hooked. My diverse interests in areas such as 20th century conflict, the Ottoman Empire and cultural representations of war have mapped perfectly onto the breadth and flexibility of the War Studies course, making my time at KCL especially enriching.

Prior to my arrival at King’s, I had never lived in London (or indeed any major city) before and in that respect I can totally empathise with anyone in the same circumstances. I’m therefore happy to share any advice, based on my time in London so far, and try and ease the concerns some of you may have about living in such a thriving city.


I’m Tiffany, a third year BSc Business Management Student from Germany. I’m a committee member of the King’s College London Business Club and also work in events. In my free time I enjoy exploring London with my friends or staying in and binge watching Netflix.






Hi, I am Amy and I am a first year, undergrad, Geography BSc student. I am absolutely loving King’s and the course so far, though I confess to preferring the more physical side of geography. I am really active in university life and I am on the girls’ football 1st and 2nd team (we are top of the league… just saying). I study intermittently, but productively, work part time regularly and go out to Walkabout and play football at least once a week without fail. I’m not sure that’s how I should prioritise my time, but it’s working well so far. If you have any questions about the course, or university life, I’d be happy to help answer them!




My name is Emelie, and I am a first year BA International Relations student at King’s. I am originally from Sweden, but have also lived in China and other parts of the UK.
So far I have loved studying at King’s. My course is really interesting, and I feel like I have learnt more than ever before. In addition, London is an incredible city to live in, with so much to discover, even though I do get lost a bit too often. When I’m not studying, I love to explore this immense city, to stroll around in one of the many beautiful parks and enjoy a hot chocolate at any of all the little cafes.
If you have any questions about my programme or life at King’s, feel free to get in touch.


Ville picAs a third year undergraduate student in International Relations in the Department of War Studies, I can say I am almost there. Originally from Finland, I was interested in international politics already well before coming to King’s due to my background in volunteering in different international youth organisations – something that I am still actively involved in.

Last year, I took modules in Statecraft, War and Diplomacy, War and Global Conflict, Global Politics and Foreign Policy Analysis. In my final year, I am studying Nationalism, Diplomacy and Russian Foreign Policy, Russia being also my regional specialization. I have also taken Russian and French language classes and passed some extra-curricular modules such as the King’s Global Award and the King’s Leadership and Employability Skills Award to improve my non-academic skills while studying in King’s.

Being a student buddy for me is first of all a chance to make it easier for prospective students. As I came from another country myself and did not have any contacts in the UK beforehand, finding the right degree was a challenging task. If there is anything I can do to make it easier for others, I am definitely up for it!

Joanna Peasland's photo
Hello, I’m Joanna, a second year Geography BA student. My course at King’s is complex, critical and challenging; what we learn is fascinating and makes us question things in new ways.

After living in London for over a year now, my experience of student life in this city has far exceeded my expectations; there is much more on offer here than I could have imagined. Aside from my studies, I’m on the Geography Society committee (coffee drinking, pub going and some academic events, of course). I’m also attempting student journalism by writing for London Student (check them out!). If you want to talk or ask me anything, it’d be great to hear from you!

Hey there! My name is Melida and I’m in my second year of International Development. I was born in Venezuela, a country well known for its high resources of oil, large inequality, corruption and hyperinflation. I chose this course because it motivated me to think that hope is not lost, that not all poor countries remain poor. With current examples of emerging economies in the development world, that achieved economic growth as well as social welfare, by not following orthodox approaches to development, sparkled an interest and will to enrol into this course. The emphasis of the International Development degree relies on challenge our views and amply our horizons when it comes to analyse development. Besides, the course is structured in a way that you can specify regions or topics of interest, and there is always extra time to join a society or a sport club.

As an international student myself I know that it can be hard to get around in this city, but no worries, with some advice I’m sure you’ll be fine by the second week in London. Hence I’m more than happy to help you with everything I can do!


Giulian Etingin-Frati's UG buddy photoHi! I’m Giulian and I’m a second year undergraduate student in Political Economy at King’s. During my degree so far I have taken modules in Political Theory, International Relations, Economics (macro and micro), Statistics, Econometrics, and Political Economy in general. All of my modules have complemented each other, which is a key benefit of the department of Political Economy as a whole. I’ve also been heavily involved with some of the many student societies at the university, particularly one called Enactus KCL, where I am the Director of Social Projects. At Enactus we take an entrepreneurial attitude to tackling global poverty and set our beneficiaries up with businesses instead of giving hand-outs. This is more sustainable and enables us to help a maximum amount of people. Outside of class time, I have also undertaking various King’s Experience Awards, which are a way to get recognition from the university for achievements you complete while you are enrolled.

When I moved to London from Montreal, Canada, I knew no-one in the city and had only been to the UK once before for three days. Nonetheless, I found it very easy to make friends and established myself comfortably very quickly. I’m super excited to be a student buddy this year, as it will give me a chance to give back to my uni and support people whose situations I understand very well. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll answer them as best I can!


Stephanie Duxbury's photo UG BuddyHi, I’m Steph, a third year BA Geography student here at King’s. The photo of myself looking out at the London landscape from Waterloo Bridge, I feel, really represents my course. Geography is, in its most basic form, the study of the world in which we live- the people, cultures, processes and structures which make it function the way it does.

My time at King’s has been absolutely amazing, I’ve met so many new people, got the opportunity to travel to new places on my second year field-trip and learnt so much about the world, but also about how to live without the constant help of my parents! As well as studying I have a Saturday job, I dance, and I love going out and finding new parts of the city to explore. Originally from a small village in the North of England, I’m never bored for long here in London!

London is an amazing city, and the perfect place to be a Geography student! I am envious of all of you that are soon to begin your time in the department here at King’s as I really wish I could do it all again!


photoMy Name is Anysia, I am a French girl in her second year of International Politics at King’s College London. I am ultimately going to pursue my master in either the environmental area or the security one, if not both as they become increasingly interrelated. My passions are the piano and ice skating, this is mostly what I do when I am not studying, working or hanging out with my friends. I also always have a project ongoing, always have something to do, because the more you do the more you will learn and meet great people that will widen your horizons.

My Motto is: Actions do not follow too far from what’s in the heart.

PS: I am surely the strongest pacifist you will ever meet.


hannah mHi! I’m Hannah and I’m currently in my second year of the Global Health & Social Medicine BSc, taking the pharmacology pathway. I was born and raised in London and now regularly commute from Zone 5 to KCL.

I’ve always been interested in global health issues, but never thought it would be an option open to me at an undergraduate level until I stumbled across GHSM in the King’s prospectus. The course allows me to explore a range of topics from many perspectives and gives me the opportunity to further my own research interests-infectious diseases, health technologies and health in conflict zones.

Although global health related activities do consume most of my time, I do enjoy a collection of other random hobbies (many taken at my own peril) ranging from Islamic art, physical theatre and sailing- although I wouldn’t recommend capsizing in February. If you have any questions about GHSM, King’s or just Uni life in London. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


full shot_setarehHiya! I’m Setareh and I am in my final year of BA English Language & Linguistics. In a nut shell, my course is about how we communicate ideas to each other and what language can tell us about societies – which is insanely a lot. Personally being a Farsi and English bilingual speaker, with Arabic and some French on the side, I have equally learned a lot about my own use (but mostly misuse!) of languages which has been fascinating and epiphanic to me. But knowing other languages is not at all a requirement as we also explore and discover how English has become so significant in the contemporary globalised world – in technology, as an international language and mass media. In my spare time I enjoy volunteering in my local community, running around Hyde Park, and watching TED talk videos.

As my third year in London, or UK for that matter, I am hoping the next few months leading to June go as slowly as possible – as I don’t want to leave King’s or London yet!!! To overseas students, my fair share of transitioning experiences and cultural confusions – in the midst of falling in love with London’s cosmopolitan culture – may give you some insight. To home/EU students, based on the sole fact that I have (correctly, may I add) given directions to a born and bred Londoner, I may just be of some use to you lot too!


I am Andrea, first year Economics and Management student at King’s. I am originally from Italy (Milan Area) and I arrived to the UK after one year abroad in Canada, where I used live in Vancouver. During my experience at King’s I have tried to learn as much as I could taking on new responsibilities and challenges. I am the founder and lead organiser of the London Fintech Conference, the largest student-led conference about financial technology organised by KCL through the KCL Business Club, LSE, UCL and Imperial that took place at King’s in March with around 250 attendees and will be repeated the following years.I am also part of the King’s Regents, the university’s American Football team. Finally, I am also the cofounder of an Italian non-profit organisation that connects students to the workplace. If you any kind of question, especially about careers, societies, student accommodation and living in London please inbox me anytime!

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