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Hi Everyone! Alice here!

This month I wanted to write about study tips. University involves a lot of independent study, so I wanted to share with you some study tips.

Firstly, during your first semester at King’s, I would recommend going through the readings list, attending the lectures and reading around the subject area. If you feel like you miss anything during lectures, feel free to ask your friends and email lecturers, this will make essay writing and exam revision much easier. For each seminar you will have several reading sets. Drawing together ideas from different authors and lectures is a key part of essay writing and will help you prepare for exam questions.

Secondly, i have some tips on exams. King’s main two exam periods are January and May. To help myself prepare for an exam, I ensure that I schedule my time properly. It’s never too early to start studying for an exam! Making myself a schedule helps me remove distractions so I can concentrate better, it also helps improve my productivity. I like to organise my day into timeslots,so I can set achievable goals. To help with my concentration, I also deactivate my social media accounts and plan work, seeing friends and relaxing ahead of time, so that I can’t use a last-minute invitation as an excuse.

Finally, over the summer, retain the knowledge from what you have studied in your exams. Try to read the classics (Smith, Marx, Hayek, Keynes, Piketty, and other related writers) and for those joining the Department of Political Economy, introductory Political Philosophy books such as Wolff’s can be a great help to delving into the political and economic world. Keep up-to-date with your own country’s politics, or read The Economist, or the Financial Times as they provide a real-life resource for understanding what you’re learning.

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BSc Political Economy

Alice Stretch

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