Why I Chose King’s- By Zsófia

Hello, Zsófia here!

Deciding on which university to attend is a big step in anyone’s life.  Here are my main reasons for choosing King’s – I hope you will find them useful in making your decision.

The course

The BSc Economics and Management programme may be a relatively new course; however, knowing about the standard of quality King’s represents, I had no doubts about attending a course within such a rapidly growing school. This course offered me something I did not find at other universities, which was a 50-50 blend of economics and management modules. I found the programme very attractive as you have a choice of many optional modules from your second year onwards.

Reputation and quality of education

King’s was founded in 1829 and is the fourth oldest university in England. King’s has a reputation of quality education not only in Great Britain, but all around the world. It was most recently ranking 11th  place in the Times Higher Education Most International Universities 2017. Attending a world-renowned university is quite a way to boost your CV, and once you’ve graduated from King’s it will open up a whole new world of opportunities. The academic’s research at King’s contributes greatly to the quality of the education; it is a truly amazing opportunity to learn from people who can pass on their current findings from their recent research.


Another main reason for choosing King’s was the help they provide through their student services. The careers & employability service offers guidance on how to write a CV, how to find internships find internships, and how to prepare for interviews. King’s also has a Global Internships Programme that provides students the opportunity to go on internships all around the globe.

Another factor in my decision was the study abroad scheme King’s offers. Although I was not sure if I would go abroad for a semester or a year, it was reassuring to know that if I wanted to go, there was the opportunity. Thanks to King’s having partnerships with high quality universities from all around the world, you can go to places you only ever dreamed of!


My final reason for choosing King’s was its location: London! I truly believe London to be the greatest city on Earth, I am madly in love with it.  Besides the many academic and career opportunities the city has to offer, there is a wide array of events, concerts, exhibitions, and so on where you can relax, have fun, meet new people and learn about other cultures. London is full of life and is a city where the old and the new go hand in hand. It is a great place to be young and a great place to start your own, adult life.

I hope after reading my own reasons for choosing King’s, that it will you with making your decision I couldn’t be happier to have chosen King’s, I enjoy every minute of my studies here.

Best wishes,

Zsófia – BSc Economics and Management

Kings Student Portraits Dec 2016 at the  on the 14/12/2016. Photo: David Tett


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