Life at King’s, by Gloria

Hi, Gloria here!

This month’s theme is Life at King’s and as my first year in King’s is briskly coming
to an end I thought I’d share my experiences with you, as they might be helpful when you’re making your decision to study at this lovely university.

Before I arrived at King’s I was quite nervous as it was a new experience, but once I arrived the King’s community quickly made me feel at ease, as I found myself among some of the most hospitable people I have ever met! Everyone at King’s is friendly and it’s easy to start up a conversation! There are tons of extracurricular societies to choose from – from video games to fencing to even societies based on nationality if you are feeling homesick! King’s allows you to fully expand on your interests and hobbies.

On the more academic side, my lecturers are truly inspiring as they are really passionate about their subject and about teaching, which definitely makes a difference when you have a 9am lecture! In my course in particular, War Studies, we constantly have guest lecturers visit, so seeing each one of their teaching styles and expertise has definitely helped me think about what I want to pursue in the future.

King’s also is in the best location. The Strand campus, where
most of my lectures are, is in the heart of London! It is such a lively beautiful area,
where I never tire from shopping, having lunch and catching up with with friends as there is always something new to try. Most students, including myself, spend most of their time outside of the lecture theater either in the library or in the King’s bar. Both are great, but obviously for different reasons!

The Maughan Library is just a 10 minute walk from the Strand campus (5 minute
run if you are rushing to finish a paper) and provides a healthy studying
environment suited for everybody as it is separated in different zones – if you like to
study in a group and discuss with friends there is a zone for you and if you like to
study by yourself in a quiet environment there is a zone for you as well!
The King’s bar, the Waterfront, is a favorite spot for many students as well. It is in the
Stand campus so you can rush there after your last lecture of the day. It offers food
and drinks on the cheap and it is full of King’s students. I’ve met some of my closest
friends there and I highly recommended it for first year students.

Overall, life at King’s is great and the university provides you with all the tools you
need to make your experience unforgettable. I hope you found my experiences
helpful and you make the right choice for you!
Best Wishes,
Gloria, BA War Studies

Gloria Trifonova

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