Interview with Dr Ye Liu, Department of International Development

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Louise here, student in the Department of International Development.This week I interviewed Dr Ye Liu, a lecturer in Sociology of Development, in the Department of International Development here at King’s. I found out about Ye’s profession and research, and more about what prospective undergraduate students can expect when they come to King’s!

Read my full interview below:

  1. What inspired you to go into academia?

It’s to do with intellectual curiosity. There are a lot of things I’ve tried to understand for instance I’m still very interested in social inequality in China and I don’t understand why people don’t care about it. For example, people feel inequality is a part of modernisation particularly among groups of rural students and citizens. I found their opinions more conservative than people in urban areas. But ultimately, it’s more about my curiosity for the world.

  1. What are you currently researching/ have you recently published anything?

Last year I published my first monograph and it’s called Higher Education, Meritocracy and Inequality in China and I published it with Springer. My current research is about the One Child generation and I look at women’s transition from education to work and to family. I will conduct 45 in-depth individual interviews this April with women from one child families. I will try to find out this cohort’s aspirations and challenges in this still highly patriarchal society.

  1. What IDI events can prospective students look forward to?

We organise regular student events. For example, we invited activists from a refugee network to talk about how we can support refugees and their education. We also organise social events that would provide students with the opportunities for internships. Last year I organised an event for Muktangan charity which provided educational opportunities for women and girls from deprived areas in Mumbai. We recruited students from the UK and Muktangan Trust in Mumbai. They used their own knowledge and skills to train their local girls there and they also helped to develop a curriculum so the whole community, particularly girls, can benefit from the support.

  1. International Development is a very multi-disciplinary course. What is your favourite aspect of a course and why?

It has to be sociology. Sociology still fascinates me. It’s also highly inter-disciplinary for example you can be an economist and a sociologist or you can be a sociologist with a strong political approach.

  1. Do you have any advice to give prospective students?

To try and enjoy King’s and to try to be connected in the King’s community. We have so many resources here through friendship and through student association which will enrich your student life as well as your later professional life. We also want students to enjoy the King’s Alumni network so that they realise they are a part of the King’s community now and in the future and they can continue to benefit from our rich network.

Read Ye Liu’s King’s biography page here:

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