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Congratulations on your offer from King’s College London – I hope you are excited about starting in September!

It’s Alice here, I’m a second year Political Economy BSc student and Digital Ambassador for Political Economy Department, within the School of Social Science and Public Policy. I am currently on a semester studying abroad in Asia, but bringing you all the tips about King’s and London.

Although you have a final term of school, looming exams and then a long summer, September will come around all too quickly – believe me. So while those of you in your final year at college may have a lot of pressure at the moment (although I imagine there’s some of you taking a gap year in exotic countries too), if you have fifteen minutes, do look into what I’m writing about today: Scholarships and Bursaries.

The best way to prepare for university is to prioritise what you have control over; the financial, course-based and practical aspects. Once you are more confident in those areas, it will ease ‘the big step up to university’ which includes finding friends, adapting to a new environment and any other issues you may be contemplating (hopefully these will be covered on this blog over the next few months and if not, do get in touch)!

Firstly, finances. Everybody knows that London is not cheap and being a student here is no exception. However, London is an extraordinary place to study where the opportunities far outweigh a potentially diminishing bank balance. King’s recognises that talented students come to London to access everything the university and the city has to offer, which is why it has such a comprehensive range of Scholarships and Bursaries.

Scholarships and Bursaries are not something to leave until September – please do investigate your options now.

I applied for the Desmond Tutu Scholarship in March before I began at King’s and I received the £1,000 scholarship in my first year as well as having a black-tie dinner each Christmas. This dinner is attended by the other Desmond Tutu Scholars from each year group, the senior staff of King’s faculties and also an inspirational public figure who represents the scholarship’s values in their keynote address. The values of the scholarship are ‘academic excellence’ and ‘service to society’ and I had to demonstrate these through the 1,000 word essay application, as well as my Curriculum Vitae. To find out details about how to apply, see  here. The renowned leader Desmond Tutu is an alum of King’s, so it’s certainly not a bad name for the CV either.

The second bursary I have received is the King’s Living Bursary, which is available to “every full-time home first degree student who has been means-tested with a financial income assessment of £42,875 or less”, with a maximum amount of £1,600 (split between payments in November and February) to be spent on costs whilst studying.

Not all Scholarships and Bursaries are for your London living costs, you can also be given money towards studying abroad! King’s has some of the best study abroad opportunities, and has a particularly extensive range of summer programmes.

Last summer I studied in Geneva and had the full two-week course costs paid by King’s, this semester I am studying at Yonsei University in Seoul (South Korea) and I achieved the Broadening Horizons Award, which is one of the two overarching study abroad awards at King’s, the other being the Santander Award.

Study Abroad Awards are a great help and cover any related costs; flights, language lessons or even novelty souvenirs (if you want). The application included three 150-word answers of how the award would benefit your international exchange, but this will all be explained in study abroad briefings once you start at King’s.

By sharing my experiences, I hope I have highlighted that King’s is here to help, that these Scholarships and Bursaries are within your reach and they can cover a whole range of activities. I have been writing from a UK-Home student perspective, but please go through and browse the Fees & Funding webpage to check your eligibility for what’s available.

If you have any questions about this post or King’s in general contact me by email on  and join the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy UG Offer Holders Group on Facebook for more updates.

Best Wishes,

Alice – Political Economy

Alice Stretch

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