Embassy Visit with Diplomacy Society

King’s is not only a place for studying; it also offers many opportunities of meeting new people and testing new things. There are currently more than 260 societies at King’s, including everything from sports to volunteering.

At first, I found it a bit overwhelming with all these societies, and wasn’t sure which ones to join. However, after browsing around at the Fresher’s Fair (where all societies gather) and checking what events they all could offer, I decided to join a few. One of these was the Diplomacy Society.

The Diplomacy Society https://www.facebook.com/kingsdiplomacy/timeline  has many different kinds of events, but one of their specialities is to arrange embassy visits for the members.

emelie visit 1

In November last year, we went to the Norwegian Embassy in London. It was my first ever embassy visit and I found it all so interesting. Our group of smartly dressed members spent a couple of hours with two staff at the embassy, and they told us about what it’s like to work at an embassy, what goals the Norwegian Embassies have in the UK and around the world, and the Norwegian-British relations.

Previously, I had imagined that working at an embassy would mean to mainly discuss political matters and a lot of bureaucracy, and even if those are still two main parts of an embassy, there were many other things going on too. For example, the Norwegian Embassy is promoting Norwegian culture in the UK through inviting bands and artists to different events here.

emelie visit 2

At the moment, the Diplomacy Society have a few more visits planned for the spring term, e.g. to the Danish and the Brazilian embassies. I hope to be able to visit some more embassies during the spring, in order to compare their different ways of working and their relations to the UK.

If you want to find out about all the societies that King’s offer – find them here: http://www.kclsu.org/joiningagroup/

Photos belong to the KCL Diplomacy Society.

Emelie – International Relations