Accommodation Advice from Brittany

Before moving to London, one of my biggest concerns was where in the world was I going to live? London is huge with so many different boroughs, and I was not sure if a one hour commute was normal. I was unsure whether I wanted to live in student accommodation, so I spent a lot of time on Zoopla. This was both super encouraging and terrifying. I ended up using Gumtree, which is the British equivalent of Craigslist. As Craiglist has its good and bad seeds, so does Gumtree. If you come with some time to spare before classes, I would suggest Airbnb. (King’s students even have a club, so you can possibly receive a discount!) That way, you can give yourself about a week to check out different places. I have lived in two studio apartments so far, and they both consist of the basic things: bed, fridge, toilet. I would not expect much, but you will spend most of your time out and about so you just need a place to relax and get refreshed.  If you can, rent from the person who actually owns the place. They will be a lot more helpful. My first landlady felt more like an aunt than my landlady. She was super responsive and was very lenient when I had to pay in huge wads of cash before I had a bank account.

Brittany's photoRight now, I live in Leytonstone. It was the home of Alfred Hitchcock. We have some cool murals of his movies and a hotel named after him where my parents will stay when they visit in April.

My favorite place though would have to be the Wild Goose bakery. If you get the chance, you need to have their pancakes. They have a secret ingredient, and I love it.