Taking Time Out and King’s Student Support

Hi, I’m Maddy and I’m a postgraduate student studying International Peace and Security here at King’s.

As a King’s student you can get support, advice and help for a range of issues from a variety of sources. Most of this can be found on the Student Services Website.

As we all know, exam and essay season can be a stressful time of the university experience, especially when you’re on a one-year master’s programme. This is also true of those of us with dissertations as this is our primary focus for the summer term. Luckily King’s have a range of support services available that are well worth looking into and are available throughout your time here.

During the exam season one of the most fun services is the ‘Take Time Out’ initiative that focuses on making sure that students are taking enough breaks during revision and essay writing. Most of us are guilty of not relaxing during stressful work periods and this is a really fun way to try to relax. There are loads of activities in the Take Time Out tents that are across lots of King’s campus locations. Activities include games, yoga and even free smoothies! There is also my favourite, the ‘doggy de-stress’ which is a puppy therapy day! It’s a really nice reminder not to neglect taking time out, even if it is on your way to or from studying.

Along the theme of exam stress, King’s also has numerous resources if you are struggling with the pressure or just need to talk about it with someone. They can often point you to websites and charities that can equip you with how to deal with the stress of university life. There are also extensive groups and workshops run by the Counselling & Mental Health Support Team.

Academic support is also crucial to keeping on top of and making the most of your studies. Your own department will advertise and promote theirs. There are extensive Library Services, which I found especially helpful when I first started and was getting used to new systems and referencing styles.

On the practical side, the Advice and Guidance Team is available to help on a range of topics such as money, accommodation and help for international students. This is especially helpful if you are studying in London or the UK for the first time and need some guidance.

These are just some examples of the support available to students at King’s to enhance your experience and make sure that you get the most out of your time here.

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