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Hi, I’m Laurel and I’m a postgraduate student studying Emerging Economies and International Development at King’s.

One thing that I have enjoyed about being at King’s is how connected it is to international opportunities. While the one-year program is quick, as a postgraduate student you may be able to pursue fieldwork or part-time internships abroad if you are interested in doing so. Your summer term will be primarily focused on writing your dissertation, but these opportunities can be a great complement to your studies.

There are many ways to find out about the different opportunities available to you, some of which include:

  • Global Summer Exchanges: King’s global summer exchange program allows students to participate in short-term study abroad experiences. These exchanges occur over the summer term and last for a few weeks. During these exchanges you will take a module at a partner university, such as University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore, or University of Oslo. This can be a great option if you find a module that aligns with the subject of your dissertation!
  • CareerConnect: The King’s CareerConnect website offers many opportunities for students to find international internships and volunteer roles. Through the online platform you can find roles such as volunteering in Tanzania for an education program or assisting with WASH programs in India.
  • Self-Sourced: Is there an organisation you are passionate about? What about any contacts or connections at NGOs in a different country? If so, you might be able to secure your own internship or field work opportunity. I was able to do this based on some connections I had made by volunteering to support a KCL association called the Universities Against Modern Slavery Alliance. Through the contacts I had met there, I was able to undertake a 10-hour internship over this summer that directly relates to the subject that I will be focusing on for my dissertation. You can also self-seek out opportunities by reaching out to organisations you know of and applying through their own channels. If you do go about the self-sourced route, you can register your internship with King’s and receive additional support such as mentoring, networking, and funding opportunities.
  • The Department Newsletters: Sometimes the Department will share opportunities that have been passed on directly to them. These are typically lesser-advertised roles, which means that you may have a better chance of receiving them! These roles are quite varied. I’ve seen some that include assisting with the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, acting as a writer for UK government parliamentary seminars, and supporting the research of lecturers within the department.
  • The London International Development Centre (LIDC): King’s is a part of the LIDC, an alliance of universities working together to promote international development from around the world. Through their website, you can find out about numerous internships that may be relevant to your studies.

If you’re interested in pursuing international opportunities, you should definitely do so! Experience is crucial to further develop your studies, cement your learning, and gain exposure to the intricacies of international development work. I wish you the best of luck as you make the most of your time at King’s!



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