Ingvild: 5 tips for a more enjoyable exam period

Now that it’s time for exams and papers again, I am returning to the routines I developed in the exam period of the first term of my MA. When completing my BA, we only had one week to study for our exams, and then we had all four exams within a week, often a few on the same day. So, my transition to King’s where we have almost two months of studying, writing and prepping for exams was quite a big one. So much freedom to take advantage of! Here are 5 tips for you who will be going through the same transition to a long exam period as me next year, which hopefully will help you not to stress and worry about them. I have found them to actually be quite enjoyable!

  1. Count things you have completed, not hours. Make lists, be organized, and remember to check things off your lists when completed. This allows you to set day-to-day goals and weekly goals based on the work you get done, and not simply hours spent studying. We all know how our focus and effectiveness can vary throughout a day…
  2. Take care of your body. Yes, you’ve heard it a million times but that’s because it’s so important. Remember to sleep, eat well, and exercise throughout your exam period and you will see results not only in your work, but also mentally.
  3. Go outside. Sitting still at a desk for 12 hours a day is not good for anything, especially not your work. Go outside when you have a break, eat your lunch outside, or go for walks in the morning/evening. It helps, I promise.
  4. Be social. Although it is a stressful time of year, and you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time, remember to hang out with your classmates/friends/family in settings where you do not have to think about school. This will encourage you to work harder when you’re studying, and make you happier!
  5. Take time off. Be strict with yourself and work when you are studying, but remember to be just as strict with the time you allow yourself to have “off”. Maybe you have one day a week where you do not do any work, and just have fun. Or maybe you go out of town for a weekend with some friends. Or maybe you go home and see your family and relax for a bit. Whatever works for you, just remember to allow yourself some time to not worry and stress about school.

…And if you find these tips boring and not useful for you, do not forget that King’s has great study skills, tips, and guides online (I found these very useful for my first exam period at King’s).

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