Shayda: Accommodation in London

Hello offer holders and prospective students!

Spring is almost here, and with the influx of sunshine I’d mark it as a great time to visit London and familiarise yourself with the transport links and vibrant corners of the capital city. Finding accommodation in an unfamiliar city can be daunting for anyone, so it would be a great idea to plan a visit to London ahead of moving here. Signing up with letting agencies can get a little pricey, so I’d recommend being open to alternatives like and (while being mindful of your safety, of course!). Facebook is also another avenue worth exploring, as there are King’s student groups, sometimes specific to a course or just for students in general, where spare rooms are advertised. This might work more in your favour, as someone else has already done the hard work of finding accommodation close to university and mapping the most efficient route of getting there! The best advice I can give is not to put it off too long; the earlier you start looking, the better!

Shayda and a friend crossing Abbey Road.

Shayda and a friend crossing Abbey Road.

Travel around London quickly becomes second nature once you start a routine, so don’t feel too intimidated by the Tube map! Sign up for your student Oyster card as soon as you’re able to, so you’re not stuck paying expensive travel fees, and then go and explore! You’ll soon find that London is actually a lot smaller than you might think. While the Tube map is great for underground navigation, it can also be quite deceiving as a lot of stops are only a short walk apart from each other. If you have a smart phone, download the City Mapper app (it’s free!) and give yourself a day to try and walk to all of your destinations. Our roads are a bit spaghetti-shaped, but soon you’ll be navigating them like a pro.

Good luck!


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