Ingvild’s Accommodation Advice

In deciding how to live while studying at King’s College London, there is a lot of information available and a lot of places to look. Here are three things that I wish I knew / wish I knew to think of while looking for my accommodation last year. Hopefully the following will help you with making a decision:

1) Start researching different neighborhoods early so you can see how the prices develop from now on until summertime. It can be useful to get in touch now rather than later if you are trying to find private accommodation. Further, it helps to see the difference between neighborhoods; some can be close in distance, but very different in price! Doing research beforehand will likely save you some money.

Ingvild's photo2) Instead of only looking at the different places in relation to tube stops / bus stops, also look at their distance to parks. After having lived in London for six months now, I have realized how many great parks there are in this city. The parks are beautifully kept, and are a safe escape from the busy streets of London no matter what time of year. I live very close to Regent’s Park, and use it at least 4 times a week for different activities. I love to do my morning run there, I go for walks to clear my head, and when it’s not too cold I love meeting friends there and have a picnic. So, remember this when looking at places!!

3) I would also recommend looking into King’s residences, private accommodations, and flats to rent privately in the beginning. Seeing all the options that are available to you instead of limiting yourself in the early stages are important in order to find the perfect living situation for yourself while doing your postgraduate degree at King’s. London has so many great areas to live in, which makes it hard to choose! Therefore, take the time you need to find your perfect fit.

I hope these tips help! If not, ask any other questions you may have here as a comment, or ask us on the Facebook page.

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