Who owns SPLAS Abroad?
SPLAS Abroad is owned by Dr Toby Green, SPLAS Study Abroad tutor, with support from the Faculty of Arts & Humanities’ Communications Team.

Who writes/takes photographs/films videos for SPLAS Abroad?
Almost all the content on SPLAS Abroad is created by students in the department on their years abroad. Administrative posts are written by Dr Toby Green or the Study Abroad team.

What does SPLAS stand for?
SPLAS is the Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies at King’s College London.

What are you looking for in submissions?
We want to see and hear all about your new home city and country – studying, local culture, music, events, friends, sports, really beautiful views etc. Any experiences that you want to share, we want to hear about.

Is there a word count for posts?
Please stick to 250 words or less.

Do you edit posts?
All posts are looked at by an editor – usually a fellow SPLAS Abroad student or Dr Toby Green – to check for sense and appropriateness. We may correct spellings and grammar but it’s important to us to keep your meaning and your style of writing, so we only edit lightly, if at all.

Can we write posts in Spanish, Portuguese or Catalan?
As not all of our readers speak all of these languages we prefer posts to be written in English.

I’m having a problem on my year abroad. Who can help?

If it is a matter of pastoral care, please email Toby Green (toby.green@kcl.ac.uk) or your personal tutor.

If it is to do with module choices, please email Toby Green

If it is to do with applications to your host institution, please email the Study Abroad Department, studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk

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