Tokyo Governor Election during the Snow

On a normal Thursday afternoon in January, I went to Shibuya for shopping. It was my first visit to Japan, so I planned to take a photo of the famous Faithful Dog Hachiko statue as well.

To my surprise, the small square near the tube station was so crowded that it was impossible to approach the statue. More surprisingly, it was the election campaign of the former P.M. Hosogawa! As a student who has been majoring in International Relations for 8 years, I was excited and immediately changed my plan to “a photo of the former P.M.” Unfortunately, I was too far away and didn’t bring a professional camera. I was thinking of trying once more, when I finished shopping, either with Hachiko or Mr. Hosogawa, but the place was filled with another candidate and his supporters then.


Shortly before the voting day, there was very heavy snow—the heaviest in 13 years. I was lucky to have stored enough food in the fridge and didn’t need to go out, but I was a little bit worried about the constituency who had to vote despite the weather. It turned out fine, though. I learned earlier from a TV show that they would draw lots to decide if two or more candidates got same votes—at least not necessary for this election.


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