Big Screens in the Rain

Now I’m in China doing my fieldwork, I miss London so much. It is a city always with surprises.

During the summer, I went to the Big Screens at the Trafalgar Square with my friends. People gathered from different parts of London to watch operas shown on the big screen. There were seats in the middle of the audience area, for which I was not sure whether tickets were needed—it was definitely free if you chose to stand and enjoy the show as we did.

It was typical London weather, featured with light rains and winds. But that didn’t extinguish people’s enthusiasm. The voices of the actors and actresses were so passionate that the audiences were absorbed into the story. I was not paying full attention to the subtitles so it was somewhat difficult to understand what was happening, but the scenes alone were interesting and exciting. As in all love stories, they were filled with smiles and tears, sorrows and hopes.


I didn’t wait until the end because the rain was getting heavier and the wind stronger. When I left, I saw among the audiences a sweet couple holding each other, leaning on a pillar in front of the National Gallery. See, there was love within and outside the big screens.