“School Trip” to BISA

Towards the end of June, I attended the annual conference of British International Studies Association. It turned out to be both fruitful and fun, because my supervisor acted as the chair of my panel, making it feel like a school trip to Birmingham.

Most participants, including myself, only discovered that there was no projector at the spot, which meant our PPT slides could not work as planned. And I got quite nervous before the panel started, for it was my first presentation at such big conferences. My supervisor smiled and said, “You shouldn’t be nervous, since you’ll be doing presentations all your life!” Oops, I hope so, which means I can get my PhD in due time and become a scholar afterwards.

Unused PPTs

Themes of panels were quite scattered as it was a two-day conference. But it was interesting to notice that those who attended the same panels with me were actually the same group of people. I was lucky to get the chance to speak to them about their presentations and my own, also introducing my PhD project and asking for advice from the experienced scholars.

And I should not forget to thank my department, which reimbursed the registration fee as postgraduate research allowance. Though BISA was so expensive (100 pounds!) and didn’t even provide lunch, I still think it worth trying.

BISA    http://www.bisa.ac.uk/

Department of European & International Studies    http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/depts/europeanstudies/index.aspx