Christmas is just around the corner. A large number of us will be heading home, surrounding ourselves with friends and family, eating far too much of mums cooking, cracking Christmas crackers and wearing silly party hats that are often too big.

No matter how you will be celebrating this holiday season, it’s important to remember that Christmas isn’t a great time for everyone. During this time we would like you to think about how you can help those in need and bring some Christmas cheer to others.

Here are four easy ways that you can help make a difference this Christmas.

Donate a Gift

Across a number of King’s Residences we are supporting The Salvation Army Gift Giving Appeal. At the Great Dover Street Apartments, Stamford Street Apartments, Wolfson House and Champion Hill residences you have the opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life by donating a gift that a child will receive on Christmas Day. Simply purchase a small gift and head to your reception. You’ll be asked to place a tag on your gift and place it under the tree! Ideas for what to buy can be found here. This is a great opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face this Christmas.

Donate to a food bank

It’s likely that you’ve refined your culinary skills since you moved in to King’s Residenmy-nemesis-the-pot-noodleces. Hopefully you will have cut back on your pot noodle consumption and have learnt to cook a few specialities.

If you need to get rid of unwanted food (like pot noodles!), why not donate to your local food bank? Even a can of beans can help someone have a better Christmas. You can easily find your local food bank on the Trussell Trust website.


Have a Christmas Clear Out

Going home over the Winter Break? In between stuffing yourself with mum’s cooking and squabbling with siblings, why not take the opportunity to have a Christmas Clear Out?

Chances are you haven’t been home in a while and might wonder why you’ve been holding on to that dress from Year 10 or those football boots from that one year you decided to play a sport. Take the time to rifle through your old room and donate any unwanted goods to a charity. Clutter is often linked to stress, so you’ll feel great for getting rid or your excess belongings and giving to others at the same time.

Help the Animals

Every year the RSPCA experiences an influx of abandoned animals during winter. The charity expects over to take in over 19,000 animals in England and Wales alone this winter, that’s a lot of cute puppies in need!

The RSPCA have a bunch of fundraising events you can take part in, or you can make a one off donation to help. You can also help any wild animals by reading through their online tips.