Are you ready for move-in day?

It’s so close now, you can almost smell it! 

I’m Lukas, a second year Business student at King’s. Last year, I moved into King’s Residences, which meant moving away from home for the first time, so trust me, I know exactly how excited, nervous and maybe even a little bit apprehensive you’re feeling right now.

Before you get to King’s and even start thinking about collecting your keys, let me reassure you about some of the things you’re likely to be worrying about to put your mind at ease:

Making your new best friends

This is a big one. Think back to when you last had to make new friends – it was probably years ago so you’re bound to feel out of your comfort zone, but that’s a good thing. Everyone is in the same boat and looking for someone to talk to and become friends with, so that makes things a little easier. There were a few things that helped me out:

  • Being myself. There’s no point pretending to be somebody you’re not because it will be impossible to keep up the act. Instead, be yourself. Embrace your quirks and the things that make you unique, you will find it much easier to make conversation and share personal stories this way!
  • Joining clubs and societies. By being yourself and joining clubs/societies suited to YOUR hobbies and interests, you are going to meet like-minded people and the organisers arrange regular events for you to all go out as a group and really get to know each other. Signing up to these are a great excuse to try something new too.
  • Getting out of my room. I’d describe myself as a bit of an introvert so when I didn’t know anyone, I was tempted to lock myself away in my room because I was so nervous. I soon realised this was a silly thing to do and instead, I would sit with my flatmates in the kitchen or walk down to the common room and see if anything was going on. 

Try not to worry too much about making loads of friends as soon as you arrive at King’s. It’d be great if you were best mates with all your flatmates but if that isn’t the case, that’s cool. Wait until you start your course or once you’ve been to a few different events and really found your feet and some mates. 

Feeling homesick

This is something that 99% of students experience while they’re at King’s – it’s totally normal. You’re away from home for the first time and don’t really have an idea about what’s going on. I know that I didn’t! Missing home is a difficult one, but there are things that can help you cope a bit better:


  • Stay in touch. You might have moved away but that doesn’t have to stop you from keeping in touch and sharing what you’re up to. Be wary of how much time you’re spending on your phone though; you don’t want to isolate yourself from the people who you’re spending your time with in London.
  • Keep fit and active. When I’m feeling a bit low, there’s nothing that a workout can’t fix. I’m a big fan of the gym on a down day and friends of mine swear by kickboxing and even yoga to really help them improve their wellbeing. You may be lucky enough to have a gym at your residence but if not, you can still get involved in the Be Active programme in residences. Remember, your body releases endorphins (happy hormones) when you exercise…
  • Do some cooking. It’s not too late to get some cooking lessons from your friends and family! If you’re already pretty skilled in the kitchen, when you’re missing home, cook food that reminds you of your favourite people. This could be the Spag Bol your mum makes or nachos you used to eat with your friends. For me, this was the traditional French meal, beef bourguignon just like my dad makes it! 


If you’re anything like me, it could take you a couple of weeks (or even more) to really feel settled in and ‘at home’. Try not to rush home as this could make it even more difficult. It might take you a while to really get on with your flatmates too, but give them a chance and see how you get on. If you do that and still don’t think it’s for you, speak to your Accommodation Team about potentially swapping your room – but do give it a couple of weeks before you do this. 

Support is always available for you in King’s Residences. Whether you choose to speak to your CF, RA or a member of the ResiLife team you meet at an event, people are always around to help out and give you that all-important helping hand. Everyone is in the same boat when you first arrive at King’s – use that to your advantage and share your homesickness or anxious thoughts with them because they’re likely feeling that way too. 

Realistically, you may not settle into life at King’s/in your residence for a couple of weeks but don’t worry about this too much. Once you find your feet, you will hopefully have a positive and happy experience. Not forgetting the memories you’ll make!