Post contributed by Lidia P. She is a 2nd Year Global Health & Social Medicine Student.

Life @ GDSA

GDSA is one of the best residences to live in if your main campuses are Guy’s and Waterloo. Isn’t it a dream to wake up 20 minutes before the lecture and make it to class on time with no rush? Not many university residences can be this proud of their location. Despite the large number of students residing at Great Dover Street, the atmosphere of the hall is always very peaceful. Wait until you see the view you can get out of your own window! Imagine waking up to the view of the Shard in the soft rays of the rising sun and watching the city light up slowly with dawn. This includes a free viewing of all the Shard light shows by the way! Or are you more of a sunset person? There are rooms, which offer that as well as a sneak peak of the London Eye.

Local Area

We have all the facilities on site, including a FREE gym, which is a very rare phenomenon for a place with such cheap rent payment. Now you will have no excuse to skip your workout when the gym is 50 meters away from you. In addition, Sainsbury’s, Morley’s Chicken Shop and the Roebuck Pub are located right in front of our doorstep. So, pick how healthy you want to be today and go enjoy your evening with friends.