Learning Agility – Why This is Important in Such a Volatile World

Written by Holly Hart, Organisation Development Consultant, Organisation Development 

I think we can all agree that the world we live in today is unpredictable, complex and often ambiguous. The rate at which technology is continuing to develop is almost mind boggling and with that comes uncertainty, especially in the workplace. What will our roles look like in the next 5 years? Will they still exist, or will we need to adjust our career plans drastically?

The answers to these questions remain unknown therefore we need to accept and be comfortable with change. Research suggests the most successful individuals are also the most agile; they have the confidence to weave together pieces of seemingly unrelated information to craft novel, innovative solutions on the spot.

So how do we get comfortable with change and uncertainty? Well, learning agility is the key to unlocking our adaptability. Learning agility is the ability to learn, adapt and apply ourselves in constantly morphing situations; being able to learn something on one situation and apply it in another completely different situation sets us up very well in today’s everchanging world.

Learning agility presents differently depending on the person and the context; according to Korn Ferry International there are 5 dimensions of learning agility:

  1. Mental Agility
  2. People Agility
  3. Change Agility
  4. Results Agility
  5. Self-Awareness Agility

Increasing agility across these 5 dimensions unlocks enduring potential to achieve and succeed in uncertain situations; equipping individuals with the tools and solutions to draw on when faced with new challenges.

So now you know the importance of learning agility, how do you increase your own? There are many resources, journal articles and videos online. This video from Lynda.com will take you through setting goals, creating a learning plan and staying on track to improve your learning agility and get ahead. (N.B. Please note that you will have to log in to Lynda.com with your King’s username and password to access the video).