Learning at Work Week 2018

Written by Holly Hart, Organisation Development Consultant

From 14th – 18th May, King’s ran the first ever Learning at Work Week (LaWW). The week was full of face to face and virtual sessions, covering a wide range of topics; in total almost 200 staff from King’s attended a minimum of one session over the week! But why did we do this? Well, there is science behind the madness…

Humans are naturally inquisitive beings, designed to be lifelong learners. This need to explore is arguably a result of the evolutionary pressure to survive, for example finding food and eating. This has built up an internal reward system in our brains meaning that by exploring and trying new things, the majority of the time we will eventually find some form of reward, perhaps in the form of food, but more likely in the modern day that reward might be a new skills or ability to achieve something previously unobtainable.

However, in this era, it is easy to become so wrapped up in our routines that we forget to indulge our curiosity once in a while. Sometimes, we get stuck in a rut doing the same things with the same outcomes. This can become frustrating but just by doing something new – out of the ordinary even, we can satisfy our curiosity and take advantage of our capacity for learning.

LaWW provided an environment where staff were encouraged to be curious. LaWW was designed to present opportunities that engage, excite and educate participants as well as bringing colleagues together to learn from each other; all facilitated by our very own experts within the King’s Community.

Some of the things staff enjoyed most about the week were “feeling like there was an attitude that you could take time out for your own development” and “coming together with colleagues I would never have met before and learning about how they contribute to King’s”.

Just because LaWW is over, doesn’t mean you can’t continue to satisfy your inquisitiveness! There are loads of ways you can increase your learning and widen your networks; take a look at the Kings internet pages to find out about the latest events all over the University or head to the Organisation Development pages for a list of all the topics we have learning sessions and resources on. And if you want to do something fun and connect with likeminded people, I thoroughly suggest you check out the Staff Experience pages – there are so many opportunities you are bound to find one that floats your boat!

Thank you to everyone in the King’s community that helped contribute to such a successful campaign, I for one cannot wait to do it all over again next year.