Well-being – What Does Yours Look Like?

Written by Lorraine Kelly, Head of Engagement & Development, HR

What does the word well-being mean? It can mean so many different things to each of us; for some it’s about fitness and going to the gym, for others it is listening or making music or sometimes it may mean taking some quiet time to reflect after a busy day. The one thing that we all share is our need to understand and manage our own well-being.

Sometimes, when we are busy and we have a lot to deliver at work and in our busy lives the things that are really important to us can be neglected or even forgotten. Having a healthy mind-set when it comes to our well-being can support us to feel more confident and to be more successful. It can open our minds to different ways of thinking; encouraging positive behaviour. Over my working life I have learnt how to be more aware of my need to manage my own well-being; this has largely contributed to a better work life balance, ensuring I had the time for the things that were important to me.

We are delighted to offer a workshop at the Research Staff Event which will get us thinking about how we can understand what well-being means to us, how to better manage our well-being and consider strategies for success. This interactive session will look at the importance of maintaining individual well-being before we discuss strategies to achieve individual well-being as a group; by the end of this session each person will have a set of actions which they can take forward to support their own well-being.

Learn more about the Research Staff Event 2018 and register to attend here.