Download the Newton Fund Workshop Brasilia 2017 Programme or view it here by clicking the below dates.

Tuesday 12 September

Time Detail
19.00 Reception and pre-registration

Wednesday 13 September 

Time Detail
8.45 Registration
9.00 Opening Remarks by Marcus Faro de Castro, University of Brasilia and Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz, King’s College London
9.30 Opening Lecture by Marta Arretche, USP
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 Research Session 1 – Challenges to the Welfare StateChair: Anthony Pereira, KCL

  • Pedro Herculano Guimarães Ferreira de Souza, IPEA: The political and economic challenges to making the Brazilian welfare state more redistributive
  • Sian Stephens, Middlesex University (UK): Questioning the effectiveness of traditional conceptions of the welfare state in emerging economies
  • Nathalie Reis Itaboraí, UERJ: Unequal social protection and unfair tax system: social policies role in the (re)production of social inequalities
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Research Session 2 – Challenges to the Welfare State (cont.)

Chair: Marta Arretche, USP

  • Esther Dweck, UFRJ: New paradigms of fiscal policy in Brazil (2010-2017): impact on economic growth and income inequality
  • Alexander Kentikelenis, Oxford University: Transnational processes and national-level outcomes: How the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank have hampered states’ bureaucratic capabilities and widened income disparities
  • Beni Trojbicz, UFABC: Progressive Taxation, Inequality and federalism
15.15 Coffee break
15.30 Research Session 3 – Finding the Money to Finance the Welfare State

Chair: Laura Carvalho, USP

  • Antônio Albano de Freitas, FEE-RS: The potential redistributive role of wealth taxation (inheritance and large fortunes tax) in Brazil
  • Martin Stepanek, Rand Europe and Charles University, Prague:(Un)sustainability of pension systems and potential for parametric and systematic reforms
  • Abby Kendrick, Warwick University, UK: Social rights implementation measurement: States’s willingness and ability index
17.00 Coffee break
17.15 Research Session 4 – Social Policies– Education, Health, HousingChair: Marcus Faro de Castro, UnB

  • Adriana Bauer, Carlos Chagas Foundation and USP: Educational intra-school inequalities in Sao Paulo
  • Ana Paula Karruz, UMG: Assessing the effectiveness of Brazil’s ‘Quotas Law’: a game changer in access to higher education?
  • Ana Clara F L Duran, UNICAMP: Social determinants of health: the impact of a conditional cash transfer program on prenatal care.
18.45 Break
19.15 Dinner

Thursday 14 September 

Time Detail
9.30 Keynote Lecture Laura Carvalho, USP
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 Research Session 5 – Social Policies – Education, Health, Housing, Land (cont.)Chair: Marta Arretche, USP

  • Geovane da Conceição Máximo, UFVJM: The Longitudinal Study of Living and Health Conditions of Diamantina Population – 2018-2028″ (ELODI)
  • Artur Zimerman: Regional inequalities; land inequality and violence against peasants; High Education inclusion
  • Hugo Luís Pena Ferreira, Universidade Federal de Goiás: The clash between “Global Institutional Universalism” and “Global Institutional Pluralism” in Law and Development’s debate
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Research Session 6 – Reforming the Political SystemChair: Anthony Pereira, KCL

  • Andreia Reis do Carmo, King’s College London: Corruption perception and political participation in Brazil: a study of the Vote Buying and the Clean Slate Laws
  • Eduardo Alves Lazzari, USP: Political will and the tax system: Obstacles to progressive taxation in Brazil
  • Carla Bezerra, USP: Political Inequality and Extra-parliamentary Representation: the redistributive effects of participatory institutions
15.15 Coffee break
15.30 Research Session 7 – Understanding InequalityChair: Octávio Ferraz, KCL

  • Andreza Aruska de Souza Santos, Oxford University: Perceptions of inequality in Brazil: the lived experiences and oral histories of mining communities in Ouro Preto
  • Gabriele Amorosi, USP, University of Hull, UK: The relationship between inequalities in income and in inequalities in consumption
  • Ednelson Mariano Dota, UFES: Migration movements: individual demographic characteristics and inequalities in Brazil
17.00 Coffee break
17.15 Research Session 8 – The role of LawChair: Laura Carvalho, USP

  • Katie Boyle, University of Roehampton, UK: The legitimacy of social rights adjudication in the UK and in comparative perspective
  • Lígia Mori Madeira, UFRS: Accessing social policies through the federal courts: the influence of the Public Defender’s Office in claimant’s profile.
  • Pedro Fortes, FGV RJ: ‘Lucrative illegality’: allocative consequences of civil public actions’ enforcement in the Brazilian economy
18.45 Break
19.15 Special guest lecture by Leif Wenar
Blood Oil ou Marcelo Medeiros, IPEA e UnBLecture via videolink from YaleDinner to follow

Friday 15 September 

Time Detail
9.30 Keynote Lecture Anthony Pereira, KCL
10.45 Coffee break
11.00 Research Session 9 – The Welfare State in Comparative Perspective + Housing PoliciesChair: Marcus Faro de Castro, UnB

  • Adriana Veiga Aranha, PUC-MG: Comparing social policy under FHC, Lula and Dilma: degree of institutionalization, principles of social justice and economic efficiency
  • Ed Cottam, Northumbria University: The institutional determinants of welfare policy success in South Africa
  • Camila Saraiva, UFRJ: The impact of policy in housing inequalities: a study of the Urbanização de Assentamentos Precários- PAC and Minha Casa, Minha Vida programmes
  • Valesca Lima, Dublin University: Social Housing And The Private Sector in Brazil
13.00 Lunch
14.15 Presentation British Council
15.15 Break
15.45 Visit Congresso Nacional, Consultoria Geral do Senado e da Câmara dos Deputados. Mesa redonda com Leif Wenar, Clean Trade Act
18.00 Workshop end


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