Here comes the sun…

I have always listened to Here comes the sun (by Beatles) but I could never really understand it until now!

After a long winter, the last week we finally had sunny (and we could say warm) days!! And the feeling is like in the song…

“Little darling

It’s been a long , cold lonely winter

Little darling

It feels like years since it’s been here

Little darling

The smiles returning to the faces

Little darling

It seems like years since it’s been here

Little darling

I feel that ice is slowly melting

Little darling

It seems like years since it’s been clear”

It is amanzing how all the parks are full and you see people everywhere enjoying the sun!!

Although the sunny days are not so frequent here, the city is prepare for the bright days with amazing parks such as Hampstead Heath, Richmond, Holland Park and Hyde Park…. and places near the river to eat or just relax.

You can also go to the famous markets like Portobello Market in Notting Hill, Bourough Market near London Bridge and Spitalfields Market near Liverpool Street Station.






Living in London gives you the opportunity to explore Europe, since London is only a couple of hours far from a lot of interesting cities, if you travel by plain.




One nice place to visit is Heidelberg. This city in the west-south of Germany   is known by the romantic atmosfere and the baroque style architecture.


Heidelberg Castle





One of the main sightseeing in Heidelberg is the Heidelberg Castle.




The castle was built before AD 1214 and it has been partially rebuilt since its demolition in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Heidelberg Castle


 A famous souvenier that you can buy in Heidelberg is a chocolate called Student Kiss. It was created by Fridolin Knösel, owner of the Café Knösel, located at the heart of the Old Town in Heidelberg.

Given as a present, the Student Kiss was a discreet way to send a sweet message among the students at that time.

Nowadays, it is a sweet symbol and a charming souvenier.


Apart from its touristic side, Heidelberg is also known for its world-wide famous university. Founded in 1386, it is the oldest university in Germany. Today the university has 12 faculties and offers degree programmes in 100 disciplines.


Taste of Brazil

The brazilian community in London is huge and for that reason, you can find several things to do when we miss our lovely Brazil.

During the month of February you can find Brazilian carnival parties throughout London. For example, this year we had a Micareta da Bahia with Axe Music and samba classes in famous brazilian night clubs in London.

The Brazilian Embassy  in London also provides good opportunities to keep in touch with the brazilian culture. Every Tuesday you can go there and watch a brazilian movie for free. They call it Cineclub Brazil and it is a great way to spend your evening.

If you miss the food, there are plenty of restautants that you can go and enjoy a big picanha with rice and beans. Most of the restaurants are a little bit expensive, so if you like to cook you can buy the ingredients and enjoy your own brazilian food.

At King´s wesbsite you can find some tips of places to buy brazilian foods and other information to the brazilian community.

King´s also has the Brazilian Institute. The Institute promotes an understanding of Brazil and offers some lectures that discuss different aspects of Brazil nowadays.



Greenwich Meridian

The Greenwich Meridian (also known as Prime Meridian) is the imaginary line that separates east from west. Its position is marked in several places, including London. The Royal Observatory, best known as the location of the Prime Meridian, is situated in Greenwich Park where you can also find the London Planetarium and the National Maritime Museum.

The Greenwich Meridian was established by Sir George Airy in 1851. In 1884, during the International Meridian Conference, the meridian passing through Greenwich was selected the official prime meridian.

The visit is worth it not only because you can take the traditional photo where you place your feet either side of the meridian, but also because you can appreciate a beautiful view from the hill.

King´s has a programme called Unlocking London that provides the opportunity to visit great places in London for an affordable price. Last week, students had the change to go to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich + Planetarium Show “The Sky Tonight” for only £3.70.

You can find more informations about the Royal Observatory and Unlocking London in the following links:


Hey London

The idea of moving to London can be really exciting but there are also several things to consider before starting your new life.

Luckily, King´s website has several tips that can make your transition easier. For example, finding a place to live can be pretty difficult. Student accommodation or private sector, agency or “find a room” websites, close to the uni or close to a friend´s house, living alone or sharing a flat. The decision to all these options depend on your budget and your life style.

Going to you can find useful information and advices that will help you to make the right decision. For me, the best part is the opportunity to book an appointment with a Housing Adviser from the University of London Housing Services to get some advice before signing your contract. It is very important that you are aware of all the terms in your contract, specially if you will rent your place for at least one year.

But the section is not only restricted to accommodation. You can also find links about other important aspects of living in London like transportation, social activities, sports, travel among other things.

So, before you start your amazing journey in this new world, go and check what London has to offer.