Greenwich Meridian

The Greenwich Meridian (also known as Prime Meridian) is the imaginary line that separates east from west. Its position is marked in several places, including London. The Royal Observatory, best known as the location of the Prime Meridian, is situated in Greenwich Park where you can also find the London Planetarium and the National Maritime Museum.

The Greenwich Meridian was established by Sir George Airy in 1851. In 1884, during the International Meridian Conference, the meridian passing through Greenwich was selected the official prime meridian.

The visit is worth it not only because you can take the traditional photo where you place your feet either side of the meridian, but also because you can appreciate a beautiful view from the hill.

King´s has a programme called Unlocking London that provides the opportunity to visit great places in London for an affordable price. Last week, students had the change to go to the Royal Observatory of Greenwich + Planetarium Show “The Sky Tonight” for only £3.70.

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