Good results for Psychology in the King’s Student Survey

King’s is committed to listening to student’s views and feedback and one of the ways they do this is via the King’s Student Survey or KSS. This is a chance for students to help the university improve what it does and previous surveys have led to various changes in the services provided. All undergraduate non-finalist students are invited to participate in the KSS and the most recent survey ran from Monday 18 January – Friday 5 February 2016.

KSS imageAs the new BSc Psychology degree began in September 2015 we were especially keen to see how students studying this programme were feeling about their studies, not least as this is the first undergraduate programme run by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience. The KSS was completed by 48 students from the Department, almost all of whom are studying on the BSc Psychology.

The response rate of 28.7 %, was the second highest response rate across all Departments at King’s, and meant that the Department of Psychology contributed over 90% of all student responses from the Faculty. Our thanks to all the students who took the time to complete it!

Overall student satisfaction was very high in the Department, with 93.9 % of students feeling that they were satisfied with their overall experience; this led to the IoPPN having the highest overall proportion of satisfied students of any of King’s Faculties on this survey.

There were a number of other highlights in the 2016 survey data for the Department of Psychology. Our students made the IoPPN the highest scoring faculty at King’s (in terms of the proportion of students who agree) for many important descriptions of learning and teaching:

  • Our students tend believe that staff are enthusiastic (96.2 %); the course is intellectually stimulating (86 %); e-learning resources are sufficient (90.6 %); there are opportunities to give feedback (92.5 %), and that feedback is valued (81.1 %) and that they can see how feedback is used (75.5 %).
  • Similarly, in terms of engagement, students at the Department of Psychology made the IoPPN the most highly rated faculty for students and staff creating a joint community (69.8 %) and working together to improve the course (77.4 %).

Overall, the results are very promising and they show that students really value their experience of studying Psychology at King’s. Of course, there are always areas that can be improved upon – and we need to do better for the 2% of students not currently satisfied! – but it is great to see our students engaging with the KSS and providing positive feedback on their experience within the Department of Psychology.

Written by:

Ellie Dommett

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

Department of Psychology, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience

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