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DanielHello! I am Daniel and I want to give you a little taste of what it really is and feels like to study at King’s College London! To begin with let me introduce myself, I am a second year student doing BSc Political Economy, which is under the Department of Political Economy, a very niche and respected department I must say (and the only one of its kind in the United Kingdom). Follow my thoughts on here and ask any questions you may have about the department or the course itself


MadalinHey I’m Madalin and I’m a second year student at King’s College pursuing my BSc in Politics (which used to be called International Politics). I try to maintain an active balance between my coursework which I’m really passionate about, student extra-curricular life and partying. It’s all about maintaining a healthy mix to make the most out of your time at university. I hope you like reading about my journey of my life at King’s.



5 thoughts on “Your Political Economy Student Buddies

  1. Hi Daniel, I am hoping to study political economy at King’s College London. It has been more that 9 weeks since I have sent my application. In the inital email I received I was told I would recieve a decision within 6 weeks. As you can see I have passed that amount of time, as I am very eager to study this course should I be concerned or worried ?
    Thank you, Muminah

  2. Hello,
    I am an international student so I am very much interested in finding out what life in London is like – particularly the accomodation at this stage. Are the surroundings and areas, in which the accomodation is placed, generally safe? As I am from quite a small town compared to London I would like to live somewhere less rushed and noisy as the centre of London probably is. However from the web site of KCL I cannot find much as I don’t have an idea what each part of London is like. So is there any sort of a guide or someone who could help me with my choice?
    The other thing I am interested in is the programme itself. I applied for Political Economy (BA/BSc) and would like to know how is it taught and what the lectures look/feel like. Unfortunately I cannot attend an open day. Are there some smaller group lectures, e.g. something like tutorials in groups of few? If I should aim these questions at someone else, please tell me.
    Thanks and have a nice day,

  3. Hey Daniel,
    I just received an offer from Kings to study this course. My main interest is economics and I hope to pursue something in that line. However pure economics is just very tough in itself and it gets boring. I had an interest in politics and international relations etc which is why I chose this course. I just wanted to know what kind of jobs we would get after completing this course? (although, you’re a second year student, I guess you would know about this). How is the college atmosphere and the diversity?

    Thank you,
    Ashmeet Singh

  4. Hi guys,

    I am happy to receive an offer for the political economy studies. I will be in London next week (Feb 1), and wonder if you can recommend the best way to learn more about the college. Perhaps there is a way to have a short tour, etc.

    Best, Greg

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