Politics 101

             My degree, Politics (used to be called International Politics), is unique in its complex and original approach to the political and social theory. For me, there couldn’t have been a more suitable and helpful way to achieve the aim of better understanding the man, and its social and political ideas and behavior. With a really global view, it expands from political philosophy to comparing the practical political systems and reaches inter-states relationship.

             My student life was rich and extremely helpful in terms of personal development. From a desired academic pursuit to the amazing student parties and new friends, there are many things to tell. The first encounter with my courses and seminars was amazing. Going out of a high school where I had to study for 20 different subjects and entering a field where I had to focus on 4 inter-related courses was just thrilling. Hampstead Campus, the place where I lived in my first year, offered me the pleasure of a quiet, beautiful neighborhood where I could study and where I was surrounded by students of my age from every corner of the globe. The old fashioned buildings, and the atmosphere of serious study really made me feel like a part of an elite, old, and full of tradition academic group. This was ,however, contrasted with the ‘’less academic’’ hard parties I had at every end of the week. There is no need to mention that I made a ton of buddies and also some good, closer friends.


         Based on these, I would strongly advise anyone to live in the university accommodation in the first year. First, it would be a memorable student experience. Second, it is also better in terms of comfort and effort. It is easier to get a place in university accommodation rather than to phone-call, view, analyze costs and distances, and paying bills at private for the first year. This also depends on your money management. The student accommodation has a good price comparing to private accommodation in London. Even so, you might be able to get a better price in a joint at private but only if you are going to share the room or to stay somewhere at a bigger distance from uni. I also recommend getting a double room in a student campus, which is the best if you care more about the costs.

     Regarding London, well, there is an old saying that goes like this: If, you are tired of London, you are tired of Life. In my case, in the first month I couldn’t believe that every morning I was getting up in such a great city.

Big Ben

Although pricey, every corner of it is amazing. Very classy, but being a global capital at the same time, it offers a wide range of museums and places worth visiting


Political Economy 101

A little bit about my course: though the course and department are very niche they offer an array of modules to study, that means every student’s experience differs. Whether you would like to focus more on International Political Economy, or whether your interest is in Economic Policy Making, you will be able to pursue the area of your interest. The teaching and seminars are excellent but beyond easy; you must work hard as the department expects academic rigour – yet the nature of the course allows you to work with others and make the whole experience of learning even greater.

So it has been a year and a half since I started my studies at King’s and honestly I do not know where the time has gone. Personally there has not been one day where I’ve thought, “I’m bored today, and I’ve got nothing to do!” – studying in the middle of London is a whole other adventure. If there is one thing I can promise you, that is the fact that you will always be doing something – whether that is studying a world class degree or getting involved with the plethora of societies and clubs that King’s boasts. I myself got involved with a number of projects in my first year which have I believe have improved my core skills, for example in October of last year I took part in a nationwide charity competition where we were tasked to raise as much money in a week. King’s managed to raise over £70,000!

 Aside from this is, I’d like to mention the amount of support and facilities King’s offers its students. ‘The Compass’ is a one-stop student centre for support and guidance on practically any issue, if they can’t help you there and then, they will guide you in the right direction. Other facilities include the numerous computer rooms, cafés and restaurants that King’s has and with 3 Pret a Manger’s and two Tesco’s within a 5 minute walk from our campus, you will never go hungry!

 Oh and we have a chapel on the second floor too!